A Complete Boat Refit

This was a massive undertaking that saw up to fifteen people working on her at any one time. We documented the entire process, including weekly youtube video updates.

PSS Boatyard, South Thailand

The project was undertaken at PSS Boatyard, Chebilang, in the southern Thai province of Satun. The list of jobs was exhaustive and the ones listed to the right merely scratch the surface.
  • Removal of teak deck

    After months of deliberation we removed the teak deck. Watch the refit videos to find out why.

  • Redesign of interior

    Stripping away the yellowed ash interior to make way for a lighter, more contemporary look

  • Hull osmosis treatment

    Extensive osmosis had to be dealt with

  • Complete respray

    From masts to deck to topsides

  • Updating entire electronic system

    Rewired with a new navigation system

Documented in Oyster News and Sailing Today

Sailing Today, recently bought out by Chelsea Publishing, has repositioned itself towards the cruiser market. ST is modern, fun, informative and relevant. We have been writing for ST for four years documenting our adventures as we travel east. The article will look at specifics like why we decided to remove our teak deck, and what it's like working with local labourers. We will be profiling each and every update aboard Esper, from navigation systems to remodelling the interior.

Oyster News is the glossy quarterly, published by one of the most successful custom luxury yacht manufacturers. They too have documented our adventures and, despite its world-wide distribution, it's free.


The Articles Are Reproduced Here

The six articles for the above-mentioned sailing magazines are reproduced here and include new, unseen photographs.

Sailboat Refit Pt 1: Introduction


Remaining on a pontoon in India for two years, despite basic servicing and upkeep, had led to some general deterioration of our boat. But for SY Esper to stand a chance of completing a passage to South Africa, she needed to be in the best possible shape. So we spent a full season planning, servicing and preparing.

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Real-time Esper Refit Blog Posts

Videos, pictures, commentary, links... we uploaded all of this and more every single week throughout the refit.

Real-time Esper Refit Blog Posts

The Refit Video Series

One year in a boatyard. An Oyster 435 refurbished from inside to out, top to bottom. Use the icon in the top-left of the playlist to display a pull-out menu of every video episode.