Liz, Jamie and Millie the Cat have been sailing the world aboard Esper since 2006. Not only do we share our adventures but we help those looking to challenge themselves and make the break from routine. Over the next two seasons we are going to be taking on our biggest challenge yet!


Followtheboat is about providing inspiring content, to educate and entertain through our youtube sailing channel and social media platforms. We like to show you all aspects of living on a boat, warts and all, because it's not all beaches, bikinis and beer. We show you the reality of this lifestyle and at the same time help wannabe liveaboards to make that leap. We make videos, write books, contribute to magazines... and we keep it real.

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Fifteen years of blogging

We have been blogging and videoing since 2002. With over 500 blog entries and 150 videos on youtube, we have quite a bit of knowledge and sailing experience, though we're always learning. Check out our blog for more info or take a look at our map, below, for a taster. Older entries cover Europe and the Caribbean, newer entries from the Red Sea to the east, these are just a few of our posts.

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A Day In The Life: At Anchor In Turkey: 36.822478, 28.322754
Port Said: 31.250562, 32.311435
Halloumi Cheese, Anyone?: 35.146863, 32.805176
Rama Drama: 35.904903, 14.516373
Best Day of Your Life?: 25.012506, 34.930000
Rugby World Champions: 25.641526, -34.628906
Sailing Green Island, Antigua: 17.067287, -61.660767
Our Own Private Hideaway: 4.609278, 73.476562
Islas Cies – A Secret Paradise: 42.200865, -8.902445
My First Ever Sailing Trip!: 51.955004, 1.267977
Dutch Sailors. Mad.: 52.374263, 4.906425
Fatehpur Sikri: City of Victory: 27.089161, 77.664671
Can I have a case, please? Wine tasting in Cochin: 9.969865, 76.285629
Crazy Place: 12.794602, 45.016823
Into The Arabian Sea: 19.103648, 63.149414
Esper\'s Refit: 6.742520, 99.941511
Current location - 14th April 2018: 8.010276, 98.961754
Sintra & The Quinta De Regaleira: 38.797243, -9.388762
Fun & Games Around Alderney Race: 49.723591, -2.047577
Worse things happen at sea: -0.010986, 74.984436
Searching for Thailand’s hidden islands: 9.481572, 98.360596
Are you a disrespectful traveller?: 7.972198, 77.431641 13.581921, 63.105469
How we became ocean cruisers: 34.957995, 28.037109

Some videos to get your juices flowing

Over on our youtube channel we have many playlists to inform and entertain you. Below is our 'How to be a liveaboard sailor' playlist, a collection of episodes, extras and Q&As on becoming a liveaboard cruiser.

To watch the video full screen, click the image to start playing the clip and then click YouTube underneath the video clip.


Tales (not just) from the high seas