a writer, a photographer and a cat

Followtheboat is one of the oldest and largest personal travel blogs, following the adventures of travel writer Liz Cleere, photographer Jamie Furlong and rescue cat Millie (as in she was rescued. She doesn't rescue anyone, unfortunately).


Followtheboat is not just about Liz and Jamie’s sailing exploits. In fact we often describe ourselves as "travellers first, sailors second". This is why many of our readers and youtube viewers are not sailors.

We consciously avoid sailing terminology and, when we do, we try to explain it in lay-man’s terms. In short, Followtheboat is a travelogue about two people and their cat sailing around the world in a non-specific zig-zag.

The blog itself is moving from written and photographic stories to video diary updates, published on Patreon and youtube every week.

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Tales (not just) from the high seas