About followtheboat


followtheboat was launched in 2002, a year before Liz and Jamie met! It started by documenting Jamie’s travels around Europe, the Atlantic and Antigua while he worked as crew, delivering boats. It was in Antigua that Jamie met Liz and by 2003 they bought their Oyster 435, Esper. followtheboat has been documenting the travels of Liz and Jamie ever since. They consider themselves ‘travelers first, sailors second’.

About the website

The website has gone through many iterations but in 2024 we decided to remove the clutter and strip back its content to the bare essentials. Not only does this make it easier for us to manage, it’s easier to read and navigate, and much faster to load too.

Our Current Location

About Our Boat

We have a page on Esper, but it needs modifying since our 2024 revamp so please come back soon!

About Our Supporters

We have always supported our lifestyle afloat, but we produce so much content that the kind generosity of people out there encourages us to maintain our high level of output. This helps cover those hidden costs, like website hosting, plugins to make our support network tick along nicely, camera equipment, internet connection and so on. We’ve estimated it costs around $50 per week to maintain, so we value our supporters who, ultimately, make what you see happen. Click the image on the left for more info on how you can support us.

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