Is That Cape Verde?

1The watch system has changed so now I’m paired up with Michel. Learnt a couple of new French swear words.

2I’m convinced I saw land today. We passed Cabo Verde and the plotter claimed that the nearest island was approx 60 miles away. If that island had 5000m worth of mountain on it then I definitely saw land. If not, as everyone else recons, then I’m just hallucinating.

3Today we lost our mainsail for a while. The main halyard had chafed through and it just dropped! A cunning jury rig was devised, using a block hoisted to the top of the mast but it’s a temporary arrangement only. It’s not going to last. If this solution doesn’t work then we could be sailing on the gib only for the next 2000nm, and drop from 6 knots to 3 knots. On a good day. Not ideal.

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