100% backed by our mates!

When you walk into our pub, you get a big welcome because we know you’re a mate. FTB’s support comes from you, not faceless corporations, which means we’re free to do what we want and say what we like in the knowledge that you have our backs. What are you waiting for? Come on in, buy a round and join us at the captain’s tableā€¦

If you don’t want to commit but like our content and would like to buy us a beer, send a donation to the Rum Fund! Or, join us in the snug at the captain’s table and get early-bird access, extras, contests, discounts and more. FTBMates offers the most interaction with ourselves and allows us to avoid additional fees from third-party services, but if you are not sure and would like to become a regular contributor, then head over to Patreon. FTBMates and Patreon both offer the same benefits.

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