Multicoloured Skyscapes

Tim slips in a sneaky wee

Tim slips in a sneaky wee

Our first 24 hours of running a dead ship took us into our third week at sea. Only one person had been to the toilet over the back of the boat, the rest of us suddenly becoming constipated. Washing up in salt water became a real pain in the arse and the boat was damp due to a very wet night watch that included some Scooby Doo style lightning storms.

b3My new watch of 6-8am, however, was blessed by the most fantastic sunrise, casting multicoloured shadows across miles and miles of cloudscapes. It also brought a day of sunshine and an opportunity for Tim and myself to go for a (harnessed) dip at 16’ 40.84N, 43’ 08.91W. Meanwhile Michel, Simon and Rich fiddled and played with electronics and wires and batteries and…hey presto! The batteries are charging again!

I spent most of the morning in the galley, preparing this evening’s nut roast, whilst Rich and Simon made a new repair to the spinnaker pole, which Simon and I managed to bend out of shape at seven this morning. I’m happy to report we’re running goose wing again, and we’re having roast potatoes with our supper. A real treat!

Rich has just pulled off 1000 sit ups. Git.

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