Yes, we’ve hand-written, hand-addressed and hand-stamped what felt like thousands of postcards!

We had quite the production line going in Krabi Town post office, as you can see from the pic. These exclusive postcards, designed by Liz, are going all over the world to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, NZ and even locally to Thailand. We’re just missing South America and Africa! Wonder how long they will take to arrive?

All our Patreon Bosuns, Mates, Captains, Commanders and Admirals receive postcards whenever we arrive in a new country. Since we’re stuck in Thailand working on the mini refit in readiness for crossing the Pacific, we thought it was about time we sent them another one. 😊

If you fancy a personalised postcard to stick on your fridge, join our Patreon Family for as little as $5 a month! Or become a Deckhand for $2 – that’s just one small cup of coffee from your local coffee shop! We will give you our love, respect and eternal gratitude.

Meanwhile, Millie was the sensible one, and she got out of the sun to the coolest place in the marina…

If you enjoy our work, please do consider joining our family, we’d love to have you along for the ride. In the meantime thanks for your fantastic support here on our blog.

Peace and fair winds to each and every one of you!


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