Millie, the turkish pricess

Got a message for Millie The Cat? She'd love to hear from you, so scroll to the bottom of the page and drop her a line. Meanwhile, Millie in her own words, written whilst in India (she's too lazy to vlog frequently so you're lucky she bothered to put pen to paper)...

Millie cat
Millie as a kitten!

Having been born into somewhat precarious circumstances I made it my business at a very early age to get the hell out of Marmaris, aka 'The Black Hole', aka 'Nightmarish' (as per my email's spellcheck).

One of the first things my new Mum and Dad did was teach me how to use the loo. They've got two heads on Esper so I use the front one and they use the bigger rear one (well, they've got bigger rears than me, so it's only fair, I suppose). [Ed: since the refit we now all share the same loo!]

Since living on board Esper I have travelled extensively along the Turkish coast, have been to Cyprus and even to Greece. I have even gone off for one little jaunt on my own; I fancied a trip on a flash Turkish speed boat once, and went off to Bodrum without them. As you can imagine, I wasn't very popular. Now I am in India, having to contend with strange creatures like snakes, mongeese (is that the correct term?), fruit bats and, my favourite, frogs.

Cat on a boat
This is one of my favourite spots on Esper when we're under way. I'm so pleased Mum and Dad got rid of that teak deck though. It used to get so hot!

I have become quite a proficient swimmer much to everyone's amazement, but they can do it, so why not me? It's a great way to cool down.

The most important thing in my life, however, is fish. Boy, do they taste good. My parents do what they can to catch them for me and I'm learning to fish for myself, but if the truth be told I could do with more.

First of all, catch your fish...
... then take it below to show your Mum and Dad...
Cat eating fish
... then take it back on deck cos you've freaked them out (chortle chortle)

I have a number of pen friends, in particular an old codger called Buster. He's ancient and very sweet BUT A BIT DEAF. Socke and I have met a few times, and I'm hoping that one day we'll be friends. Must be off now, time for 40 winks, but before I go - here's my world famous Björk impression again...

This is my Björk impression

'Oh so quiet...'

[Ed's note] Sadly Millie's favourite penpal, Buster, passed away earlier this year at the grand old age of 20 (that's 140 in cat years!). He lived a full life but Millie was too upset to write anything; instead she dedicates this page to his memory and to the correspondence he kept up throug-out their long-distance relationship.