About Millie The Cat

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26 thoughts on “About Millie The Cat”

  1. Morris & Mickey

    Hey Millie,

    We’re glad you got a new life with lovely people, our mummy and daddy are nice as well – we have two sisters and one of them is called Millie (she’s ginger and old) and the other one is Maggie (she old as well).

    We both hang out together so that we can terrorise the neighbourhood and also our dogs.

    1. Dear Morris and Mickey,

      I was particularly pleased to read how you terrorise the dogs; that is excellent work. All dogs need to be terrorised and shown exactly who runs things (us cats, of course). Less impressive was hearing that you have a sister called Millie, but she sounds like a nice girl so I’ll let it go.

      Keep up the chasing.

      Love Millie xxx

  2. Dear Millie
    My name is Jaffa (or at least that’s what my staff call me) I have recently moved aboard my 1987 Oyster 435 ketch (Diotima) although I am now a sprightly 85. On the whole I am coping with the transition but my staff keep moving my litter tray into the cockpit although to be fair I do have a walkway from the saloon table and catflap in the lower washboard. However since we are currently in Scotland it is a bit chilly round the trossachs some nights. Of course I could use the forward heads but I wondered what inducements might be available in your experience before I give in?
    With feline felicitations

  3. Hello Millie
    I live with Jenny and Dave Knowles and they gave me the name ‘Rani’ when they recognised me as a true queen of cats. I’m told my ancestors were Bengal wild cats and maybe this is why I so much like to get under the duvet where it is toasty hot.
    I wonder how you are doing with Liz and Jamie away?

  4. i met you at kochi while sailing at marina kochi kerala i l saw your cat millie nice cat can you send little more photos i am 13 year and studying in 9th standard

    1. Hi Angel, it was great to meet you too. I hope you enjoyed the little tour of Esper. We have been extremely busy with a brand new website but we haven’t forgotten the photographs. We’ll email them in due course.

  5. Hi,
    my name is Leeloo and I’ll start a new life as a ship’s cat next month! I’ve already spent the last few summers on the boat with my people and found it quite ok – there’s always somebody there to play with me (even though I’ll miss torturing mice and other sorts of creatures ;-))
    I was already 8 years old when I set foot on a boat for the first time, but I quickly found my sealegs – so you CAN teach an old (well I’m not old, but no longer a kitten) cat new tricks!
    If you’re interested in our trip around the world take a look at our HP http://www.pitufa.at

  6. Hi. I am also a cat called Millie, and I live on the Welsh coast, infact I can see the sea from the lovely double bed I sleep on all day, if I am allowed. I am a 12 year old black and white cat with rather short legs. I live with my staff, and another cat, a rather big male tabby who everyone says is very handsome, but thats enough about him. My staff’s boyfriend also seems to be in my house rather a lot, who I upset by staring at him constantly, though he does feed me. I also make sure that I sit between them on the setee. Not sure if I would really like to live on a boat, as I not very keen on fish, and will only eat it if it is in the tabby’s dish, I much rather eat the staff’s food. Well I must close now, I do not want to tire myself out with anymore streneous exercise. Many meows.

  7. Buster at "102"

    Hello Millie, You have not heard from me for a long time, but I have been doing a lot of sleeping. My master and mistress keep me up to date with your teenage antics. How I wish I was a youngster again. You may remember I told you about my rough earlier life, but the last 12 years have been very happy. I am now in my dotage (actually 96 years old in human terms) 20 cat years, would you believe? My sight is not great and my hearing not so good, but I still tuck into my food – no fresh fish from the high seas, unfortunately, but easy to chew posh food that comes in tubs and better for my digestion. The weather has been too hot here in England, recently, so that has made me even more lazy. I love to hear about your exploits, it reminds me of my youth. I am very wise now and know it is better not to leave my garden or even my comfy cushion. Well, I feel one of my long naps is coming upon me. So bye for now you little beauty. I look forward to seeing your mistress soon, who is coming all the way from Cochin to look after me. I know I shall be spoilt. Don’t get jealous. All my purring love – Buster.

    1. Thanks, Buster. Mum told me she is coming to see you but I’m not jealous because my dad is staying here with me. If you are really lucky my mum might do some fishing for you. She is really good at fishing.

  8. Good to hear from you, Millie! Havent`t seen you in an eternity and won`t see you in the near future, far away as you are. But I heard all the news from Skipper of La Gabriella, who is closeby.

  9. Another Millie!

    Hi derr!! I’m millie from New Jersey, and boy, do I show it. I have quite the attitude, and don’t take any lovins unless I want them. My mommy got me from an animal shelter in South Jersey and brought me to her college in North Jersey. My life’s been pretty tough the first few years – I kept moving every 6 months and had new people and new animals, and I never really liked it. Mom gives me too many kisses though, so I know she loves me. I can’t jump very high or land on my feet, so my mom calls me puppy sometimes because I’m clumsy. I love all things sparkly, and ping pong balls are so much fun! Dirty socks make for great hunting, since I’m afraid to go outside. I love to eat popcorn and tuna, and have started to grown used to my mom’s boyfriend. But I wake him up every night reminding him who was there first!!
    Take care Millie! – Millie cat, the shitty kitty, from NJ

  10. Hi!

    I am Millie the cat in Brooklyn, NY, USA! After being born on Long Island, my owners found me and moved me to San Francisco for several years before moving me ALL the way back to NYC. Luckily, since we are in Brooklyn and not Manhattan, I have a backyard in which to hunt mice and birds–which makes me very happy. Glad to see another Millie!!

    1. Dear Millie, thank you for getting in touch! Right now Millie in India is also hunting mice…well, they’re more rats actually. Rather large ones too. I will forward on your regards to her when she returns. I just hope she does so without said rodent in mouth!

  11. Hi Millie the Cat,
    We own a very spoilt and beautiful tri-colored tortoise shell cat called Millie ❗
    She loves talking to people and is very verbal, sleeping under the bed covers when it gets cold, loves food and really loves tummy rubs ❗
    It was so nice to see a picture of “your Millie the Cat”, so “meow” from our Aussie Millie the Cat ❗

  12. I have read all about you I did not know that you were so clever when I saw you sleeping on deck in Egypt I was visiting Storm Dodger you are very beautiful I have a cat in england called cefa which was named by my son in law,As did not what to call her so he told me it was c for cat to this day I dont know how you get cefa her colour are brown gold beige black, she is lovely but she is a pain she miaw scream if I am not around I hope you are not sea sick dont forget to wear your life jacket????? love yolly simms

  13. Hi Millie,

    It was nice to be able to get to know you over the the last week and a bit. I just wanted to say that I hope now I’ve taught your Mum and Dad to catch some fish by line rather than that medieval cage device, you get a better quality of fish rather than those nasty spiny things that sting your paws.

    But can I also say that they might want to keep some of these fish for their own table and to use to catch bigger and bigger fish as well so please be patient with them as eventually their fish catching prowess will increase until you won’t be able to eat all they can catch anymore!


    Matt – [the one that blanked]

  14. Charlie and Ellie

    Millie, our owners have come up with some hairbrained scheme about selling their house, buying a boat, taking their kids out of school and sailing the world til their money runs out. They’ve been mooching with the idea of taking us with them, but we’re not so sure. We love the whole field thing, catching rabbits, birds, going off for days to eat at others’ houses (but don’t tell them!) Would we feel abit restricted at sea – were you a house cat first or did you get out and about – what about quarantine – how do you get around it? We don’t want our owners to sell us with the house but how do we know if life at sea is for us??
    Thanks for listening, Charlie and Ellie. PS I am sure our owners may also be contacting yours for more human info re selling up and sailing!!! 😆

    1. Hello guys, good to hear from you. I was born on land, in Marmaris, but from the age of three months moved onto Esper. I spent the next few months living in a marina, where I enjoyed messing about, getting under people’s feet, being chased by dogs, getting locked in other people’s boats and making a few feline friends. Now we sail or motor about the place, sometimes anchoring and occasionally staying on a pontoon. Life’s good. I get fresh fish to eat, endless ropes to climb, all sort of nooks and crannies to sleep in and a comfortable double bed to sleep on. I have to wear a harness when we go anywhere and when we sail at night my parents put my lead on and don’t let me out the cockpit. I’ve got a really pretty red heart pendant with my name and phone number which I wear round my neck, on a collar. I’m very gorgeous, have you seen photos of me?

      All my friends like living on boats; let’s face it, most cats are pretty adaptable, particularly if they’re with their Mum and Dad. I suppose if I were a very old moggy I’d probably prefer to stay at home. I don’t have to worry about quarantine because I never go to the UK, and my parents just live on the boat all the time; they only ever leave me for a day or two and I’m pretty good at amusing myself while they’re away. I went to a cattery once but didn’t like it at all. I get regular anti cat flu and rabies shots and my Mum’s always filling with me with de-worming tablets (yeeuucchhh). I’m flea-free too! Are you?

      I hope your parents pull their fingers out soon and get going, it’s a really good life. G’luck!

  15. Hello,

    My name is also Millie, but unlike you I am a total landlubber of a cat.

    I was just cruising the net with my servants this morning and found you.

    What a life you lead, how amazing.

    I’m a 10 year old Tabby (Spots and Stripes), who owns two humans and lives in Worcestershire in England.

    My world is run from the back of the sofa, whilst my humans dance attendance on me.

    I did once go out in the snow, but I don’t really do the wet stuff.

    Best Miaows to you from England


    1. Hi Millie, and welcome to my cat-a-log.

      The video of me swimming may not be available right now, but will be on again next week… come back and have a look at me in action! It’s great to know that there are other Millies out there flying the flag.

      Miaow for now!

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