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Yep, we’re still tweeting, now with pictures.


246 thoughts on “Contact Us!”

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  4. Hi Liz, Jamie
    We will be traveling to the Maldives in the next two weeks and would
    1) Love to meet you there personally
    2) Exchange some practical information on ship maintenance and tropical water sailing
    Can we get in contact off-forum on this?

    Arne & Dominique
    SY Manuka
    Barramundi 470 Catamaran

  5. Hello Jamie, hello Liz,
    Just discovered your web site by hazard tonight. Amazing! I’d like to get in touch with you as we might have to haul out our catamaran, Manuka, in the Maldives. Coming from Sri-Lanka where I haven’t yet found a safe place.
    Thanks for your attention
    Arne & Dominique

  6. Hi Guys, my cat is at John Crabbtree’s dock in Matancheri. I’m coming back March 28th to sail to the Maldives. Hopefully your tech problems will be solved by then and we may meet over there. Would you know any good refrigeration technician in Cochin? My fridge has some electrical problem and will not work…
    best regards,
    Miki S/V Two Oceans

    1. Hi Miki, thanks for contacting us. I think we met you briefly when you came over to the marina? The best person to contact would be our friend Gladwin. He works with Bryan Thurlow on boat projects. He is 100% honest, professional and is technically-minded. He has arranged for fridge engineers to visit us on a couple of occasions. I have emailed you his phone number. We have told him about this message, so when you call him, please remind him that Jamie and Liz referred you.

  7. Hi Jamie and Liz!
    I didn’t really like the two of you the first time we met.
    It was in Marmaris, Turkey and my first impression of the two of you was that you where two “know it all londoners” (yes, we all have our own preconceptions…)
    Then there was the Vasco da Gama Rally and for reasons probably obvious only to myself, I choosed to follow it… The two of you have done / are doing what I thought sailing was about.
    You’ve stayed in India (for better and for worse) for….yonks… and you’ve shared pictures and stories (thank you) And now I understand you’re on your way. Could I say thank you for this time and all the best to the both of you on your onward travels. Love.

  8. Jamie and Liz,

    I’m with Animal Planet working on a new show called “World’s Cutest Pets.” I saw the video of Millie swimming and am wondering if you would you be willing to give us permission to use it on the show, and could you provide a the files of the original footage? If you don’t own the footage, do you know how I can contact the person who does? If there are multiple angles that were shot, as it looks like there are, it would be great if we could see them all in their original form.

    Please e-mail me at the e-mail address given at your earliest convenience. Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Liz Cardenas
    Associate Producer
    WORLD’S CUTEST PETS, Animal Planet

  9. Hi Jamie and Liz,

    I have been following your blog and several other sailing blogs for years as I keep my dream to cruise full-time alive. I have been sailing a 46′ Morgan for the last few years while my youngest child finishes school. I came to the conclusion that the Morgan was not the boat I wanted to cruise on and sold it a few months ago. I am currently in the process of finding a new boat and am looking at a 1995 Oyster 435, hull number 64 I believe. She needs some elbow grease, but she appears to be solid, only has 900 hours on the engine, and has new standing rigging. She would be at the upper end of my budget, but I have always loved the Oysters. You obviously love yours so I was wondering what else you can tell me about them as I try to make a decision on whether or not to stretch my budget a bit and put an offer in.


    1. How long is a piece of string, Brett? It sounds like you know what you’re looking for and the 435 has served us well. The main issue are leaking chain-plates, which are easy to remedy and our rigging, in-mast ketch cutter, means she needs a bit of wind to get her going. She won’t win races against the plastic fantastic brigade in anything under 10 knots of wind, that’s for sure, but in 25-plus you’ll be leaving them standing! The most important thing for us was new rigging, which we splashed out for in 2009, giving us a little piece of mind. The only other piece of advice would be to leave aside 25% of your budget to spend on extras if you are thinking of Blue Water cruising, with a water-maker and solar panels being top of the list. Good luck with the purchase and please do let us know how you get on.

  10. Gerd Fehlbaum

    Hi Jamie

    Nice to have met you in Cochin! Finally a GREAT place to be by boat. Cochin seems to me like a fairytale town…
    Now I am in Kathmandu, Nepal. The train and bus trip over here was horrible…! Kathmandu is a rather bizarre, even boring kind of place. TOO MANY SOUVENIR shops selling that same old CRA…!

    How are you doing in Cochin? Is my boat still floating?


    Gerd Fehlbaum

  11. Hi guys,love the web site,
    I’m keen for anymore information on the Oyster 435, I’m looking at putting an offer on a 1988 model sloop.
    So if you get a chance to e-mail I would be most appreciative..

  12. Hi Jamie,

    Firstly, a fantastic website and love reading how and Liz started off. Gives me a reference for when I think I’ll be ready to make a change in my life. Also, what was the reason behind decided to live in Turkey? Was it the country itself, the people, the atmosphere, its location for travelling? I’m curious because I will be travelling to Istanbul soon for a short visit.

    However, my question at the moment is related to the ‘log’ system used in your website. Was it customed made, did you program it yourself, or is there a plugin for it?

    I’m pretty clueless with programming and I read your post on the wordpress forum and I myself have a similar question. When users make a post, I want them to select a country from a drop down menu so when someone visits the website and they are only interested in posts from a particular country, they can select the country from a drop down menu on the right side of the website (similar to your archive system). Can it be done with custom fields and linking the country field it to a dropdown menu?

    Any help will be greatly apprreciated or any particular resource that you can point me to.

    Thanks for your time.

    Kind Regards

  13. Hi,

    I was just reading your report on Madurai and you mentioned having researched and selected the perfect hotel but you don’t give the name. Could you share it with me?



    1. Hi Steve, I certainly don’t recall referring to the hotel as ‘perfect’. It was a business hotel, quite smart but relatively expensive. Service was quite average but it was a welcome relief from madness of the streets of Madurai. I’ll hand you over to Liz who can give you more details…

    2. Hi Steve,
      We stayed in the Royal Court, one of many business-type hotels in this area of Madurai. Occasionally we stay in these types of hotels, especially in cities, but mostly we prefer small, family-run hotels or homestays. I remember there weren’t many options available for the weekend we were there as it was Pongal, and everywhere was full. Have a look at my Tripadvisor review here. Good luck!

  14. Sorry I forgot, we are off to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, do you have any plans to sail away from India within the next year or two, we plan to spend at least two years in Thailand & Malaysia, as we want to do a lot of travelling by planes, trains and automobiles to visit other countries, like China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. It would be great to see you both again.

    1. We might sail to the Maldives next year, but that was what we said this year, so who knows? We’ll certainly be coming over to the Thailand/Malaysia area at some pont, and like you plan to visit all those places by plane and train.
      It would be lovely to see you both again.
      Thanks for your message about my writing and J’s photography.
      Stay in touch!

  15. Liz, I have a number of friends who read your stories, I did send them off to them, and they are wondering if you will be writing more. You have fans!
    Jamie thanks for info – nearly bought a Leica but I was concerned about finding lens, etc for the camera – they are in very selected stores. I like to see the difference in photos from when we all started off from Turkey to where we are now, even I have improved, we really enjoy your site and phots gallery, I do believe you have fallen in love with India, from your camera it really is a special place. Cheers Cheryl

  16. Cheryl Ellsworth

    Jamie, I am now in the market for a new camera and I have been researching Nikons and Canons, SLR’s for a general statement. I was wondering what camera or cameras you are currently using to get your fab photos. We certainly enjoy your sites, looking forward to more of Liz’s stories.
    Cheers, Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl. I’m a Canon man myself, and always have been, but Nikons and Canons are much of a muchness. It all depends on who has the latest camera out and who got the best review! For EOS Canons the entry-level dSLRs are the 000s series, with the 600D being the latest I believe. The semi-pro are the 00s series, with the very well-received 60D being their latest. Then you move up into pro full-frame cameras. I have the 5Dii. but you can spend thousands on a 1D! Thing is, it’s all about the lens, not the camera. Most of my images up until recently were shot with an 8 mega-pixel 30D, ancient by today’s standards. I would recommend something like the 600D, use the kit lens that comes with it, work out what it is you like photographing and then buy a pro lens accordingly. Canon pro lenses are labelled with an ‘L’, so the pro mid-range zoom is the very sexy 24-70L. L lenses are some of the best lenses on the market. Or you could scrap all that and just buy a Leica M9!

  17. Hi Jamie

    I just met someone who knows you, he is here in Galle harbour on a cat he just delivered from Seychelles. (Sorry, I forgot his name) Listen, I am on a boat myself, a 48 ft. ferro monster and look for a place where I can leave my boat for up to a year. Do you think Cochin is a good place? I hear you are based there right now. Whats the situation there, NOW? Still room, and what about prices? Burocraty, still a nightmare?

    I need to go back to Switzerland to work, I am running out of money…

    Would be GREAT to hear from you, Jamie! Maybe see you soon!

    Gerd Fehlbaum

    1. Hi Gerd. Nice to hear from you! Cochin Marina is very safe indeed. Your only concern will be getting the boat properly prepared for monsoon, which is about ensuring the humidity doesn’t affect the boat. Beaurocracy is always a nightmare in India but if you get Naser 72 to help you, you’ll be fine. Just be prepared to spend one day at anchor whilst you sort the paper work out, and don’t turn up without a visa or they’ll escort you to the airport. I have your email address so I’ll send you some more details shortly. It would be nice to meet up, and see if you can find out the name of that delivery chap!

    1. Hi Rich – we love the Portabote. We haven’t used it that much lately as we’ve had to get the outboard serviced but just folding it up and stowing it on deck keeps me happy!

  18. Jamie,
    When or if you have the time is it possible to e mail me.
    We too are getting a good few hits on our website but I would like to ask you some questions.

    (Nostrodamus on the forums)

  19. Hi Liz and Jamie! Great website! We are currently in Malaysia and are considering spending much of the next year moored in the Kochi area, however, to date we have been unable to locate an email or phone number for the new Kochi Marina. If you have any contact info we would greatly appreciate it. thx so much. Sheri

    1. Hi Sheri, I’ve passed your details to the manager here and emailed you separately. I hope you make it to Kochi, its a lovely place and India has so much to offer a traveller.

  20. Jamie

    Can’t be doing with Faceboook, Twitter and the like….too old ! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your travelogues. For me, your image of the Bolgatty Girl is really special – amazing eyes which draw you into the picture.


    1. Hi Pete – how nice to hear from you. I’m putting together a website of all my best stuff, which I’ll email you about when it goes live. No need for Facebook, Twitter and the like ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really must get round to my ARPS too, so I’ll be calling you for some tips!

  21. Hi Jamie and Liz,
    David and I have really enjoyed listening to your podcasts, but we are now close to the end, we were wondering if you were planning on recording any more? It would be great if you could.
    Best Wishes

    1. Hi Joss, thanks for getting in touch and letting us know how much you enjoy the podcasts. As it happens we probably have another year’s worth of episodes waiting to be edited, which cover our travels on land in India. Recently Liz and I have dedicated much of our time to writing and photography, but it is my intention to start putting together Series Two over the next few weeks, so watch this space!

  22. Thanks for ur interest.Unfortunately I will be at kolkata by Dec 2011 only bcoz as of now I am at Bangalore.So if u could tell me how long r u going to stay in kolkata will be ok for me.U will have varieties of lodging there based on ur budget.Best to stay in the central city itself for ease of access to everywhere.Places of interest within city would be Howrah Bridge,Vidyasagar Setu,Varieties of River Ghats where u can enjoy the sunrise/sunset,Street walking,Victoria Memorial,National Museum,Alipore Zoo,Science City,Birla Planetorium.Outside city places would be Sunderban Forest(Famous forRoyal Bengal Tigers),Digha(Seashore),Shantiniketan(Famous for Rabindranath Tagore),Belurmath,Dakhshineshwar(Famous for Goddess Kali),Kalighat(Famous for Goddess Kali) & many more……
    By the way my email id is so u can drop a mail anytime for any queries. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Liz hi!

    Glad we could finally get in touch with each other. I was and am really inspired by your blog and how you both met and decided to change your life for the better.
    I am trying to do something similar to you: document my life in Greece through my blog and hopefully get a good enough following so that one day, people might want to read my book (we live in hope that I finish it – but I’m not giving up my day job) ;0)
    Feel free to contact me by email so that we can bash out some ideas about a possible online community.
    I should mention I joined an Arts Council scheme whereby I am assigned a mentor to help me through the writing process then it’s read by a ‘Reader’ to see if its possible a literary company will be interested.

    Let’s ‘virtually’ hook up!


    1. Hi Beccs,

      I’m so glad to hear from you. Jamie is going to work out a way of setting up a ‘writing forum’ for me. It will be private, only readable by those involved. I’ll be in contact by email separately.



  24. Jamie,

    I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions about a post you did in 2005 that talked about the BTM 1?


    Matthew – a new owner of a boat with a BTM 1 thats not doing what I thought!

  25. Have just got the latest Oyster mag, your boat looks like the one we sold 13 years ago, we sold it to a Turkish man, it was called Bona Verba then. Can you look up your records and see if this is correct. If this is our old boat it is lovely to see her, we enjoyed her very very much and hope the new owners are too.

    1. Yes! The very same. Your Turkish buyer sold her to us — he’d renamed her ‘Dersu Uzala’, which was far too much of a mouthful, hence ‘Esper’.
      I tried to contact you through Oyster at the time of buying, but with no luck. It’s lovely to hear from you now. If you have any stories or photos etc, do get in touch with us, we’d love to hear more. I’ll pm my email address.

  26. Hey, just looking at all the places you have visited and saw that you have been to Rye, our home town, and where our boat will be moored when we eventually sell the house. So maybe we will bump into each other one day. Take care.

    1. Yes, my home is in Rye. In fact I will be staying there, on and off, over the summer. Good luck with the venture.

  27. Hi Jamie & Liz,
    I have recently found your blog and have really loved reading about all your antics while at sea. We too are trying hard to sell up and go cruising with our cat, Buster, you have really inspired us to get on and go, it is great to see that it can be done and that life does not crash around your ears when you leave the confines of “The Real world!” As has been said by so many, when we mention our plans. Thanks Again Joss

    1. Dear Joss – thank you for those kind words, we’re really glad we can provide just a little bit of inspiration. The only thing I can tell you for definite is that you will not regret the move to live aboard your boat. We have never looked back. Good luck with the plans, fair winds and hope to catch you on the high seas one day.

  28. Hi Liz & Jamie, Have just visited your website after quite a long break, having been following Brother Ian’s events on ‘Rhumbdo’. Your site seems to be growing.!!!
    and you have stayed in India for quite some time now – are you intending going further East.? I am in touch with Ian by email but cannot get a phone connection for some reason. Also, do you have an email address/web address for Storm Dodger – Roger and Astrid have been helping Ian sort out some problems with the boat and I would like to thank them directly. Wishing you well in whatever you go on to do. Clive.

  29. Liz and Jamie I have been following you on the web and via podcast for almost 6 months now. I have been thinking and working my own dream to live the cursing life. As part of that and a place to get to know more people with the same dream I have started my own Blog. My Blog is a work in progress as I hop you can relate to. It would be nice if you and some of your friends can stop by in the future. The URL is


  30. Jamie, Liz and Millie (who looks very cute indeed in her tinsley attire!),

    Festive greetings from the Wybunbury 30! We hope you have a brilliant Christmas and that 2011 is a sailing dream.

    (I personally hope you have no more trouble from those naughty nuns!!!!).

    Best wishes.
    Nance and class (oh and Wolfie and Charlie who are more than a little disgruntled to have been left out of earlier missives!).

  31. Nathan Beckstrand

    Hi, I really enjoy your podcasts. Your latest podcast (11/26) is completely broken though. You will understand if you listen to it. The audio jumps back and plays the previous several seconds many times. It’s like a broken record effect. It gets really bad after minute nine or so. Other than that I love the podcast.



    1. Hi Nathan. This problem is due to poor internet connection in India. We have re-posted the podcast and I trust you received my email letting you know that this has now been resolved. Thanks for letting us know about it. Normal service has resumed!

  32. Jamie this is Josh Neicho from Letters at the Evening Standard. I was interested in your post on the Chandlers today from your perspective as a sailing enthusiast. I would be very interested if you might consider responding to our coverage and could pass on the same request to people commenting on your piece – please let me know if you might be able to.

    Josh Neicho
    Evening Standard Letters
    020 7938 7596

  33. Thanks for your brilliant second podcast. It has been such a special time in class to settle down on Friday morning, get comfortable and tune in. The children have thoroughly enjoyed it and it has promted much discussion. We have all learnt masses from your answers and I can’t tell you how engaged the children have been. After today’s installment, we went out on to the playground to measure out the size of Esper. We were a little taken aback. It is so much bigger than we anticipated. I so hope Michael Morpurgo responds to my email. It would be lovely to be able to add a comment from him after all your hard work. There may be a few more questions to follow but we promise not to overdo it!! I would like to send immense gratitude. You have been so kind, made a lot of children very happy and enhanced our project more than you may realise. Nancy

  34. Thanks for your brilliant second podcast. It has been such a special time in class to settle down on Friday morning, get comfortable and tune in. The children have thoroughly enjoyed it and it has promted much discussion. We have all learnt masses from your answers and I can’t tell you how engaged the children have been. After today’s installment, we went out on to the playground to measure out the size of Esper. We were a little taken aback. It is so much bigger than we anticipated. I so hope Michael Morpurgo responds to my email. It would be lovely to be able to add a comment from him after all your hard work. There may be a few more questions to follow but we promise not to overdo it!! I would like to send emmense gratitude. You have been so kind, made a lot of children very happy and enhanced our project more than you may realise. Nancy

  35. By the way: Have been inspired by Millies Log – so SOCKE has got her own log right now – she deserves it. You might not be able to read German, but see the fotos. Lots of love
    Carmen, Peter and SOCKE who is getter by the minute – almost her own self again. But we had been really frightened as she was in so much pain for almost a week. ๐Ÿ˜›

  36. Liz and Jamie

    Have been an avid listener since Podcast 1 just about a year ago. Generally I have always enjoyed the these but I think the last one (08/10/10) let your editorial decision-making and content quality down.

    I have no doubt that for all those involved it was a great hoot and a hair-down letting release for all of yourselves, however for the listener it was not so amusing โ€“ basically just not funny. Yes there was a warning, I could have chosen not to listen but I am not bothered about restricting matter on PC issues or because of swearing โ€“ for what it is worth I am a similar age bracket to you and have normally held similar views to those you have expressed. It was not the language or views particularly that I found offensive.

    I admit that I have never written before to congratulate you on the general quality of your travelogue/blogs and I feel a little cheap sending a gripe but having spent my professional life involved in marketing and the media I know how much public relationship damage can be wrecked by poor editorial decisions.

    Perhaps now that your personal blogging and Podcasting have become far more popular to the wider general public, maybe you need a more focused way to talk to, amuse and inform just friends and loved ones away from the ears of the rest of us.

    I know that if this mail brings a response from you, it will be robust and advise me to sling my hook, get my entertainment elsewhere (I have seen some of Jamie’s work on the forums) and perhaps edit out this from your comments page. All of this is your right because, after all, I have chosen to follow and be entertained in your gift. But we do have a value being one of your statistics helping click-throughs, etc. I also know that there will be a raft of readers and mates leaping to your defense and telling me I am a crusty old fuddy-duddy

    I just think that you might like to know that even an avid fan can be offended โ€“ whatever the warning. Listen to the Podcast again and really reflect about whether or not the content is of any interest or amusement at all to anonymous listeners with no connection to the crews on board or their mates in the pub.

    But please, keep up with the good work.



    1. Trouble is, like Abraham Lincoln we can’t please all of the people all of the time, I’m just grateful we have pleased you some of the time.

      I take your point, and we did wonder whether it was suitable to put the post up, but in the end this is our log, our life, and sometimes it’s not very pretty. So here it is, warts ‘n all.

      Thanks for caring.

    2. Hi Ian,

      I’m not going to tell you to sling your hook and neither do I think our friends and family will jump to our defence for publishing last week’s podcast. In fact I think the case you make is perfectly valid and as a listener to our podcasts I can only apologise if you took offence. However as Liz has said this is a documentary of our life at sea and this podcast is one small part of it.

      Unfortunately we have no idea what our podcast listeners want or expect from our broadcasts as we don’t hear from them directly. I download many podcasts myself but never communicate with the creators, so perhaps we should encourage more communication from our listeners to better understand what it is they like and don’t like. We appreciate that you have bothered to get in touch and have taken your comments on board.

      I am happy to say that the normal podcast schedule will resume this week so please do keep tuning in and let us know when we are doing it right and when we are doing it wrong.



  37. Hello,
    please can u tell Roger or Astrid from Sturm Dodger
    that a lot of people are waiting for a massage .No one of the famaly ore frinds now if there still o.k. Please just tell them to send a massag e that there o.k.

    1. They are all fit and well and are living on the next pontoon, we see them daily. If you haven’t got an email address for any of them let me know.

  38. Hello beer monster.
    If you ever sale up the cam make your way to The Blue in Cambridge. You’re on to something big can i buy shares?!>/
    This message makes sense in my world!

  39. Hi Guys. Salala is the greatest of spots is it. I stayed about a week there on my way back from Thailand. The only good thing, except the weather was the ex-pat club sold Stella, quite a treat after 10 days from the Maldives on a dry boat! When we were down there we decided to avoid the convoy and head of on our own, sticking directly in the middle of the channel. It was a bit disconcerting to see a rib heading straight towards us at dusk, but fortunately it whizzed straight past us and carried on towards Oman.

    Life in sunny Newton Ferrers is the same as ever, still too cold, but warming up a bit.

    Any news from Chris, needless to say he hasn’t been in touch, and I’ve lost his number, so if you get the opportunity, can you email me his details. Trust all is well, and you’re both still enjoying life afloat. I’m still very jealous!

    All the best


  40. By the way: Have been inspired by Millies Log – so SOCKE has got her own log right now – she deserves it. You might not be able to read German, but see the fotos. Lots of love
    Carmen, Peter and SOCKE who is getter by the minute – almost her own self again. But we had been really frightened as she was in so much pain for almost a week. ๐Ÿ˜›

  41. Hi, Millie, I am SOCKE, remember me? Did your parents treat you well during your long journey towards India? Did they find proper catfood at Massawa or other places for you? Reading your parents various interesting articles, especially your Dad seems to be interested only in finding places with cheap and good beer… How was long-distance-sailing for you? When my parents are sailing I hide in my cabin and prefer to sleep, getting up and out only to complain when it takes to long. I myself am not to well at the moment, have been hit by a car/bike a week ago at Symi. My right paw hurts, but Carmen has got me medicine from the vet in Marmaris. Has been sent to Bozburun for me by today. Hope, it helps. Lots of love ๐Ÿ™„

  42. Wow! I just found your pod cast, I started at #1 and have gotten up to 13 in just a few days. It has been a real treat. We are working towards a goal of long term sailing with our two girls, another 18 months or so until we can get away for a few years. I have really enjoyed the verity of styles in the recordings, especially the recordings done on passages including the radio nets.

    Thank you for the time you spend working on these, and for releasing them for all of us to share,

  43. Hello Strangers

    Thank you so much for keeping the website updated and all the photos are great to see. It really gives you a feel of what you are seeing and make me know what mum and dad (Divanty) are telling me about.

    Have a fab time

    Love Sarah

  44. Hi Jamie and Liz
    Just a quick mail from fellow 435 ketch owners. Our boat is still without sails but these should be on in the next 6 weeks. As it is at the moment we can use the genoa and cruising chute for trips up the Orwell but no more. May be we will cross paths so we will keep a look out for other reasonably priced Oysters!

  45. Absolutely no problem. In fact you can add your own blog details in our ‘Contact’ section too. May we just wish you ‘fair winds and calm seas’ and don’t delay, get sailing today! It was the best decision of our lives. Have fun!

  46. Hi Liz & Jaime,

    We don’t know each other but we have a lot in common.

    My husband, Matt, and I are in full preparations for throwing off the bowlines in pursuit of our own dream of cruising about the world within the next year.

    It’s encouraging to see other young, successful cruisers out there living this dream. We admire your drive, creativity, tenacity, and resourcefulness along this journey and are learning from your experiences. Thank you for sharing them!

    Would you mind if we listed your site as “other cruisers we follow” on our site?

    Fair winds,
    Christie and Matt Butcher of s/v Kaleo

  47. Wow! What can I say but ‘Wow’! After opening so many bday cards whilst at sea in Pirate Alley, to which I sent a little audio ‘thank you’ file, I then get to an internet connection to find so many birthday wishes. I am so stoked! Thank you, thank you, thank you all. I will try my best to send personal emails to you all. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Gaymie,

    Happy 40th captain pugwash!!
    How the hell are you? When are you visiting me in New Zealand?
    Baby Max was born a week and a half ago, big bonnie lad, 9lb 12oz.
    Are you on skype and facebook still?

    Cheers Jeff

  49. Jamie,

    happy 40th – not quite sure where the last 20 years have gone – although you’ve done a great job in documenting your last few! Have a great day and I look fwd to reading about the rest if your adventures

    Best birthday wishes from Alli and the kids too


  50. Captain Furlong, Happy Birthday! Hope you, Liz and Millie are all doing well are managing your 24hr pirate outlook watch okay!

    Much love and wishing you safe harbour!
    Ethan, Lily & Tess





  52. Happy Birthday Jim-Jam you old silver back! Sounds as though you’re having an absolutely fantastic time. I wish you lots of luck in this difficult stage of your travels. Give Liz a big kiss from me. Lots of love from us all. ๐Ÿ˜€

  53. Hey, Happy Birthday, Jamie – enjoy your 40th – we missed you at mine. Looks like the two of you are having an amazing time – stay safe – and keep away from Vietnam – that Gary Glitter beard could get you into trouble… Lots of love Neesh xx

  54. Lovely to see your website. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Jamie wherever you are – all down hill from now on!

    Your bastard cousins would send birthday greetings if they were not so lazy.

    Love ‘Nuncle John :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ’ก โžก

  55. Happy 40th birthday gayme, hope u have a fantastic time. missing you and liz loads. hope to see u in the not too distant future, lots of love Orla, Jay and Zoe xxxx ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. Happy 40th birthday Jamie – I know I’m a day early but you’re in pirate waters anyway so won’t get this on the day.

    I hope you make it throught the other side older and wiser ;o)


  57. hi glad you are ok, please can you get Graham to contact us, we have tried him numerous times on his mob, needto book our flight and pack up dsong.

    Keep Safe Love Trish

  58. Hi there! Loving the podcasts! Keep up the good work! Can you send love to the crew of Eeyore and hope all is well!lots of love Kas Kiera Justin and Cynthia!xxx

  59. Hi Jamie, so great to see your fab blog thanks to Helen ‘the Melon’ who gave me the link.
    Looking forward to reading some of your stuff when small children allow …
    Lots of love Jude of SW

  60. Ian on Celtic Spray

    Glad to hear that you have made it beyond the clutches of the canal theives. Going west next year so hopefully see you both on the other side (of the world that is). Hope you have a good trip and happy sailing.
    Cheers to you both,

  61. Dad and Mum of Graham Levy Eeyore

    Watched your Christmas party.wish we could be back on that pontoon to see you set off.
    Foget the pirates and the bandits and watch out for the albatros.
    Graham to you and your crew and all of you on the rally “SAFE SAILING”

  62. Hi both; Met a Kiwi, John yacht ‘Odin?’, in Leros, Greece who recommended your website. He met you in Turkey. He mentioned you had done a lot of research into watermakers… which did you settle on? Can’t find details on the site. Also what internet connections do you use? Having trouble with suitable systems in Greek Islands…

    1. Hi Peter, should you bump into John again please send him our love and wish him well. He is a very good man. Your questions could take an age to answer but if it’s any help then we went for a Schenker 30, which runs on 12v at 8amps and produces 35 litres an hour. The reason you can’t find anything on the watermaker in the website is because I’m holding back on my review of it until I’ve properly used it for a year or more. So far so good. For wireless info, if you use the search box at the top right of the right column and type in ‘wireless’ pr ‘2610’ you should find all the information you need in an article I wrote about setting up a router on the boat. Good luck!

  63. Hi Guys,

    We see you’ve planned to be in India by April. We will watch your passage in the vicinity of the Horn of Africa with great interest and anxiety.

    Have you any plans for a landfall on the “Great Southern Land” and if so where & when? We are based in Victoria at St Leonards on Port Phillip Bay.

    Pete & Helen

  64. Dear Katie, Sam and Lou,

    Thank you all for your comments. We have replied to you via email but we’re never sure if our connection sends them all out properly. Give us a shout on the usual email address to let us know. Katie, you are always welcome to come and visit, and now that Dubai has collapsed you can spend even longer on the boat ๐Ÿ˜€

  65. Hiya Jamie, so hows things with you. Been hectic here with getting things organised for Christmas. Where are you going to be when the big red man with white beard appears. My two keep looking up the fireplace for him and Demilee keeps getting upset that he will get stuck and won’t bring down her presents. Sweet when they believe still lol. We are going down to spend the day with my mum as one of my brothers is over from New York so we will all be stressing my mum out with 7 of us there ๐Ÿ˜† Hope you all have a great Christmas. Sam x 8)

  66. Hey you two and Millie the Cat!

    I’ve finally managed to subscribe to your site and Em sent me the blog so I’m keeping up to date with your progress. Would be great to know when you aim to be in Oman as I need an excuse for a trip down there!

    Hope you found some Egyptian beer in Port Said! I’ll be sticking to the European stuff!!

    Much love
    Katie xxx

  67. Hey Furylong

    How you doing? Long time no hear. You disappeared from Facebook, then spoke to Al this morning and he mentioned I should contact you via your site – doh, didn’t think of that! Anyway, would love to hear from you even if it’s just to say as would hate to lose touch! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Anyway, hope all is well and you are both having fun?! Going to have a look at your site now. Love Lou (Gowansy!) xx

  68. Love the site… I’m just poking my novice nose into the blogoshpere to get ideas for my own sailing blog. I’d love to hit you up for some pointers.

    S/V Sidetrack
    Lying in Vavau, Tonga

    (Tsunami effects were very light in the Vavau group, but everyone here has friends up in Samoa)

  69. I just came across your site and then read a bit about you two… very sweet story. I did something similar myself.. left the corporate life and now live in Dominica in the West Indies after a life changing crossing of the Atlantic.

    Your pics… funny how you both look better after you met than before ha ha – love it! Have fun on your travels, and if ever you come back this way.. be sure to look me up. I might just still be here. ๐Ÿ˜†

  70. Hey Jamie, long time no see…. I just heard about your boat ‘odyssey’, I think its fantastic!! I’m guessing you are seeing much nicer weather than me…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  71. Hey Jamie,
    Where you gone from facebook. I have lacked a bit in keeping in touch with everyone, a bit of a nightmare when theres loads of mates on there and with two kiddies to look after. So hows it going then. Where abouts are you now. Did you have a good Easter. I tried finding you on facebook and cant see you. Keep in touch matey as it was great to track you down after so many years.
    Luv, Sam x ๐Ÿ˜€

  72. Hello,

    Just saw your post on lonelyplanet about the Libyan coast.
    I’m a landlubber, but I would love to help and I think i can.

    Drop me a line if you’re interested and good luck!

    Tamim Fannoush

  73. Hi both hope your keeping well, its Gill you met me in Bodrum with Mustafa in that little restaurant, well i have moved on since then, i have come back to England to live things didnt work out between us, but we keep in touch as friends. Mustafa is now in Gumbet hes gone into partnership in a restaurant there. Hope to hear from you, take care Gill

    1. Lovely to hear from you, Gill. Hope things are going well for you back in the UK. We’re planning our passage east at the moment, heading towards India at the end of the year. We’ll be keeping everyone up to date via the website, so stay in touch!

  74. Great site, good work.
    Summer 2009 will be in the med also for a year or two with my Oyster 435 ketch rig, name “Azura” was “Scilla Verna” and “Cyble of Clydeโ€ but originally was “Baron Knight”…

    I am co-producer part of a film company; we shall be filming in the Med over the next few years. We will be starting in Corfu.

    We would love to meet up at some stage, please let me know where you are now. Would you interested in do a bit for one of out documentaries?
    Warm regards Rex

    1. Hello Rex

      Thanks for the kind words.

      You don’t give any details about the project and the url you have supplied leads nowhere… please send more information.


  75. hey guys,
    we r in cyprus nth west coast harbour called latchi found some work but claude’s been a bit ill hence why we stopped. hoping to sort things soon but might hang in med for part of this year.. still aiming 4 red sea.. i hoped you could forward me graham from eeyore’s email address as i wanted to ask him about some of his costs for the work he had done. i am quotinf for a rebuild on a 55foot m/y which we’d prob do in marmaris not sure yet and the owners have to make up theremind etc.
    hope things r goin well and give our best to ever one and warmest regards to you, nelson and claude.

    1. Hi Nelson

      Good to hear from you and so sorry to hear Claude’s not been well. Wish her a speedy recovery.

      Looks like we may all be able to go down the Red Sea at the same time. Med for us this summer, then Egypt. I’ve sent a separate email with Graham’s address.

      Take care!

  76. So, that is the reason, why you have been on my blog so many times (mind you, I can see who and how often one is on my site and even what one is looking at…) to buy yourselves a ROCNA-ANCHOR!! Real good investment that one.
    May Peter know how many kilos yours has??? We will have a ROCNA soon, too. ๐Ÿ˜†

    1. Hi Carmen and hello to little Socke! Not sure what you mean about being on your blog many times… but of course it is good to hear from you. Our anchor is a Rocna 33 (33kgs). You must remember? You saw it in Rhodes when we picked it up in the summer. We love our anchor. It keeps Esper nice and safe. Spring is on its way; I’m fed up with this stormy weather as I don’t like getting rained on! What does Socke do when it’s raining?

      Take care!

  77. Hey Jamie & Liz, 1st time I’ve looked at your website since going & returning from 3 years in Tonga – you never did come sail the south specific ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I love your before & after photos – cracked me up, you guys could’ve starred in your own reality show.
    Great to hear from you on facebook.
    Cheers Jo ‘Odge

  78. Hi
    great to hear from you via my travelpod. Just back on internet after it being down all day and now out to an Australia Day function but will write about sailing Libya – or not!! ๐Ÿ™‚ tomorrow enshallah. I’ve also passed your fabulous website onto my parents, they will be very interested.
    be in touch soon.
    p.s. are those before and after shots for real????

  79. Linda and John Noon

    Superb job with your website! We were in Marmaris in 2006 and had a great season there. Watched the marmaris video – impressive we had about 3 or 4 good storms but nothing like the one on the video. Hope everyone’s okay and boats are intact.
    Linda and John Noon

  80. Hi Guys
    Only just found your site today and I’m really impressed, it’s fantastic, I’m going to have to spend some time going through it all.
    Thanks for your time and effort ๐Ÿ˜€
    Cheers Jamie

  81. Compliments!!! Much more easier to access and follow your movements than the previous site! Interesting as always ๐Ÿ˜› will meet in a short while down there, before we leave towards the West. Lots of love, Carmen, Peter and -of course – SOCKE

  82. Fantastic site, are photos as always are amazing. Gosh you could have published the Porthole in this format last year. Does encourage one to think about getting their act together and sharing information as you have done. We are thinking of coming down to your neck of the woods in the near future, will let you know when that might be. Your work in creating this site is much appreciated. Destiny

  83. You must have finished all the work on Esper to have been able to spend so much time on your website. Congratulations on some very professional work. It’s good to see pics of so many old friends.

  84. Hey Jamie and Liz! Just spent an extremely pleasant hour and a half browsing thru yr brilliant website – love the stories, love the photo’s what fun. So inspirational too! Get me off my bum to update Concerto’s website and adventures. Lovely to see Trish and Jim on Dragon Song in yr pics. The Gorgeous late summer weather here has at last given way to rain, and rumbling lightning strewn storm squalls. We expect some real wind this coming w/end. S’pose u’r having the same in Fethiye. Howz the backgammon coming on? lol

  85. Thanks for the mail, must agree with you, lots of idiots around, spending springtime here, summers in Europe (too hot), autumms here, complaining about everything and everyone, going home for winter, because too cold here (…), send a separate mail with Socks foto for you, lots of love, you picked the right day for Fethiye, we picked the right day, to go into the Marina, raining, strong winds the whole day. Have a good winter down there.

  86. heyar, gaymie and spazabeth, your missing fireworks!!!!!!!!! NOT FAIR!!! lol, hope you are having a great time, i have decided i am going to come out to your boat, whether mum likes it or not, oh and liz, dad told me to tell you that i like the clash, not to sure why, but hey lol, ly spalice xxx

  87. Mum and Dad Furlong

    Dear Jamie and Liz, What fantastic descriptions of the places and historical sites that you have visited recently. This is what you both were aiming for in your life together. Breath-taking views, idyllic bays and interesting locals. You look so fit and well, our love as always. Mum/Les and Dad/Mike

  88. Hello, Jamie and Liz. Just spent a wonderful lunch break reading through your Cyprus Log. I loved it and am envious of your guts for investigating these places. Well done.

  89. Sally White(Hinchliffe)

    Hi Liz,remember me your ex sister in law! what a fantastic web site,found it by accident & love it, spent a lazy Sunday enjoying it.Well done & good luck to both you & Jamie. You seem to be having the time of your life, enjoy!! Love Sally XXXXXX

  90. Hi Mark, Thanks for your kind words. If you take a look at the Gallery section (which we have completely neglected recently!) you’ll see a list of all the equipment used. We’re still learning ourselves though! Also it just happens that two of our cruising friends own Warrior 35s. You can find links to both their logs in the Blog section of our FTBWiki (see Library drop-down menu). Hope to catch up with you on the high seas some time soon!

  91. Hi Jamie and Liz Absolutely fantastic phots!! what type of camera do you use? Ive just bought my first yacht, a warrior 35 and im sailing her back to scotland. Im looking for a good camera to start documenting my time on board.. any advice? fantastic site it gave me the kick i needed to get started many thanks!

  92. What a great web site WELL DONE! Busy now reading it from start to finish! Hope to catch you in some “yattie” bar somewhere so speak to you in person. By the way the name of the unidentified plant in your beautiful photos is a Iris I think? Kinda regards = keep on living your dreams…

  93. I keyed in “Is being on a boat the best thing in the world?” – and got your website! Lost in admiration for your wise decision to just do it. Currently finishing up Day Skipper with practical booked for Canaries – sunshine! And I really hope no foul weather gear…(like Paddington dressing up to audition for a fisherman’s friend advert?) I’m going for a dip into your log…

  94. Just read your story and am motivated by the before and after pics – Amazing! Our love story is that we have sold everything, bought a boat and fallen in love all over again! After spending 6 months making the boat seaworthy we are looking forward to travelling to Turkey in summer ’08. Hope we meet you there. Also hope we can shed the years and the stress like you have………

  95. oy oy! its been a while – just seen your efforts on my mates web site ‘peoples navy’ – typical seafairing coincidence or what. Sam was the man that sailed with us in the med on our gaffer, an old mate of louises- looks like you are all having fun, were going to start build our 35′ wylo end next year, so we’ll be about 10 yrs behind you. have a good chrimbo and new year – charlie, louise, hunter and ketchup xxxx

  96. Hi JD, Glad you’re keeping up with us and enjoying the stories. The last month has been a bit hectic what with weddings and haul outs, but we’re back in the water and will continue to head south/east along the Turkish coast. Expect some updates shortly! Fair winds, Jamie

  97. Simone and Justin

    you guys look fantastic!!! Even Naked (*_*) you really do look naked in that bikini. the video is excellent! Just and I love reading about your sailing, it looks so wonderful. xxx love sim

  98. Just been looking at the site stats for and incredibly we received over 11,100 unique site visitors in the last month! For all you old-school site statisticians that’s 110,000 hits! Seems as if our efforts are not in vain. Please continue to read and enjoy these pages and keep sending us your feedback. Jamie and Liz, Marmaris, Turkey

  99. Miles Williams

    I also stumbled across your site, my dream (after I can afford a yacht) is to do what you are doing. It is a fantastic read and inspiring.

  100. Nathan Trance

    Just stumbled across your sailing website. damn its good! where do you find the time to put it all together? best blog I’ve ever come across. photography is great too. keep up the good work & keep preaching the word to the land lubbers out there!

  101. Hi Jamie and Liz It is raining again …. and to lose myself in your fabulous tales and pictures is just heaven. Keep on writing, it is just so interesting. You both look so well. Lots of love Jo xxxx

  102. Hey guys, The site is amazing, but there’s so much to read! But sadly, some of us have to get back to work and stop imagining what it’s like to plan your own day and sail away into one of those fabulous sunsets. Got a wet Glasto to look forward to though… ;o)

  103. Hey Jamie and Liz – love the new site, looks excellent! I must say you’re missing one of the best April’s since I’ve lived here weather-wise, though can hardly compare to Bodrum and the surrounding Med I’m sure!

  104. Hi Jamie and Liz, The resignation went in last Friday which means you might have sight of BB somewhere in the med this summer. Keep PPP ing – you know its worth it. linda

  105. Thanks so much for your comments. We’re still working on new ideas, so keep watching (and commenting). In the last 5 days we’ve had over 2000 unique visitors! Liz

  106. A lot of work has gone into this, it is tidy, thoroughly professional, informative, interesting, witty, colourful and serves as an example of a perfect website. I shall avoid using the word Blog, perhaps this site defines a new word – ESPER – Endearing Seafairing Publications of Excellent Rank

  107. Oh to be on Esper again, looking into deep, clear seas, glancing up to a blue, cloudless sky, as we speed along under full sail! Was it all a dream, methinks, as I peer out of my window at a typical,damp,dreary English winter scene. Oh well, there is always next Summer, that is ,if the Skipper will allow me on board again!

  108. Hello Jamie. Remember me? I used to be Helen Fox! Love the website. I think what you’re doing is amazing. I look forward to reading more of your nautical adventures.

  109. I encountered your web site and really appreciate the honest writing from two people just beginning to use, learn about and love their new boat. But your last log posted is now 4 months old. You will appreciate in the years to come a more contemporaneous writing of your experiences (and I know I will…). The nuances of the moments really do get lost in the events that follow. Reading about anchoring for the first time – Med mooring for the first time really brought back memories for me – and an honest, well written woman’s perspective makes especially good reading anytime. I have bookmarked your site. Please keep those logs coming.

    Pete Grimm

  110. Cap’n Ahab here: Damn the devil Fogey I say! No Great white whales, just elderly folk wanting a quiet cruise with loads of refreshment and entertainment. Mrs Ahab & I are looking forward to coming down at the weekend for two weeks of pampered luxury!

  111. Marcus Cabin Boy & Rachel Redbeard

    Yo Yo, Looking forward to coming down at the end of September. Everyone in Soho is jealous that I’m staying on a yacht and sailing the seas of Turkey! (I’ve elaborated the holiday as much as I can, the size of the Yacht keeps changing)

    P.s. I’m not going to do any work, leave that to Rachel.

  112. Hello Jamie and Liz

    Was talking to a friend of mine at work who is big into sailing, telling him about our forthcoming trip to see you and am now getting very excited [:D. I showed him your website and he was very impressed, so was I by the way, its the first time I managed to look at it.

    Happy Days and hope you are all well

    Fiona x

  113. Hello you! Don’t know if you remember me… of course – difficult to forget – travelling girly from back home who did round the world on her own (well, most of the time)! So glad all is going well for you – nice to see how you’re getting on! Div sometimes keeps me up to date with all the goings on – the boat looks great and Liz looks fun!

    So, are you guys in Turkey yet? God you’re not missing anything here in the UK – it’s miserable and cold at the mo !

    Anyway, stay safe, have fun and look after yourselves!


  114. Jay, Jamie,

    Hi Nick here, yep Parsons of Skirmish. Just dropping a line to say hello. Also I’ve been sailing for about 15 years now all on 32″ contesa so if you need a hand to sail, i’m a safe pair etc…. Love to meet up again and see the boat someday

  115. Jamie, are you still fat?
    Finally got my ass in gear, so will be keeping an eye on your movements. If you’re ever in the southern hemipshere, let me know…guy

  116. Congratulations on your first solo sail

    Just watched those two clips you sent us chosen few, you look very happy to be finally taking the boat out on your own – poor Liz must feel very lonely.

    Hope you get those clips on this site very soon!

  117. Jason, Hastings


  118. Hi Jamie,

    Great Website ! Particularly like the postcards ๐Ÿ™‚ Where are you off to next? Do you ever hear from “Father Ted”

    We have got as far as New Zealand. We are a bit knackered so are planning to stay here a while. Maybe we will set off again next year if we can’t find any worthwhile jobs to do here.

    Allan & Bev

  119. happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to dear Jamie
    happy birthday to you,

    Thanks for the video – just brillaint – particularly the Bridgit Jones shots

    Where are you?

    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to dear Jamie
    happy birthday to you,

  120. Yo Wigum

    Hope all is good in Turkey (an appropriately named place for Christmas – shame you don’t eat them!). Merry Chrimbo mate.

    Chat soon no doubt,

    Fish Bwoy

  121. Love the site too. Like the two of you it’s creative and kinda exotic.

    I have to say, though, that some of the photos of the both of you are not that flattering…..I should speak to your agents…. you’re so much better looking in real life!

    Turkey and the boat sound fabulous and I wish you every joy and success in your new lives.


  122. Hi Jamie, Thanks for the pics. I’m flying to Antigua on 7th December and Naomi on the 1st December. Hamish is putting gazelle back in the water for me this week. Keep in touch.

  123. Enjoyed reading the articles in “Observer” and “Herts & Essex Observer” this week. Don’t know what Liz will think of the picture! Will courier copies to you in Turkey!

    Love from Mrs Demon

  124. A very professional website with great pictures as well as innovative nautical backgrounds. We will miss seeing you so frequently but will keep up to date through this medium.

  125. Jamie and Liz,

    Just wanted to say bon voyage. I am very very said that you are leaving us and I want you to stay. You can be sure that Tim and I will be taking winter holidays in Turkey for the foreseeable future. We can’t let the little one miss out on spending time with Uncle Jamie and Aunty Liz. Make sure you get yourselves back to beautiful England as often as possible too. It’s not such a bad country – look at the colours of the leaves at this time of year – fantastic.

    Love, Shazza

  126. We ask for Paul’s (Voyager skipper) thoughts on Jamie’s arrival in Antigua, Paul answers:

    Well, Iยดm there right now. Made it without crew. My deepest sympathy for the skipper of the boat that brought this asshole to a place where he shouldnยดt be in the first place. Donยดt bother to react, please.


    Note: a route trace on his e-mail confirms his location as……. Amsterdam!

  127. Pirate Demon – Freaky Coincidence, I only realised yesterday that I always say “Nice One”…must be a brother thing. As for making it in one piece across the Atlantic…Nice One!

  128. Happy New Year, Mr Furlong – looks like you’re having a top time – what ever happened to vegetarianism, eh? And that tan is a sight to behold – would pay much good money to a local salon for that. Hope you’re going to be back in April… want to hear all the sea dog’s tales – take care and hopefully see you soon.



  130. Hello Wiggy

    The last 16 days have been, how shall I put it…eventful? You really know how to keep a girl happy, Chief, and this is just a quick message for the whole world to know that you are the best Christmas Present I have ever had… thanks for taking me on part of your journey, darling…

    I wonder how much of what we’ve been up to will be shared with Wiggy’s Web World?

    Loadsa love and kisses from Queenie back in cold, wet Camden xxxx

  131. Jamie
    ** Happiest of the New Years **
    Don’t suppose Antigua is anywhere near Wellington New Zealand??? Middle Earth misses you my friend, would be awesome to see you sail in to the harbour, I’d even wave at you ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep Safe

  132. Message for Jamie and Tim.

    This is Tim’s mum and grandmother here. Neither of us can believe that Tim would behave in such a drunken manner! I know for sure that he does not like Rum Punches! let alone Magic Mushrooms.

    Have a good one in the Caribbean and think of us poor sods weathering it out in the UK

  133. Well congrats Jamie on making your crossing successfully (first of many?). Special congrats for looking more camp than Jonnie Depp in your pictures. Hope it was wicked experience and I look forward to hearing about your next crazy capers on the site. Merry Christmas.

  134. Jamie-Christmas will not be the same without you, especially the last minute wrapping up of presents!! At least there will be enough red wine to go round this year!!
    All our love

  135. Oxford, Nvember 25th stop. Dear Jamie stop.Have just looked at your location on the world map stop. Somewhere in the middle of the atlantic stop. Aunt Ruth and I deeply concerned about you stop. What you are doing is obviously highly dangerous and an evasion of your responsibilities as a citizen of England, fast approaching middle age stop. Please return to your desk immediately stop.

    Your etc Professor (Nuncle) John

  136. Hello Mate!
    This is ceri sitting here with Jason and Mel looking at pics of your journey! Looks like a lot of fun! Hope to see ya soon. mel asks are you enjoying it with all the sailor boys? Anyway take and shall see ya soon.

  137. Glad you are finally on your way to the Caribbean. You have all my utmost respect for battling against the odds and two not so friendly skippers to get there as intended! Any chance of you being home for Christmas? Just wouldnโ€™t be the same without you sloping off to the pub after โ€˜enders!

  138. A very bitter man

    Sad to see that youยดre loosing grip on reality. Thank God I still have your original story on my computer to proof youยดre nothing more than an untrustable storyteller with memory problems because of to much beers, which was the reason I was glad to get you all of board Voyager.
    Good luck! Paul van Driel

  139. hello mr! tis alice anghi messaging from a farm called ragmans- ive not changed me name again! ow you doin? are you back in bleeding blightey? ope not and that you are a sailing and having a wonderful time.much love and big

    best wishes

  140. sorry……i’m back again….. forgot to mention the pink bandana, and the bald head…..some genius must have come up with that idea….i believe mr furlong that you owe me money! xxxxx

  141. fat ****, the very first thing i want to say to you is how much i miss your larger surface areaness in sunny saffers…..i miss you eating my food……i miss you drinking my booze…..and above all i miss the big love that you give out everywhere you go.we had such a fun time this summer, happy times in the oeg garden and even more fun times being naughty in london….(getting down and funky with u at the PEG PARTY was fanbloodytastic,a memory i will always treasure!!!!) come back longfur all is forgiven….we all know now that you have the longest sailor jevity….and i want you home by 6 o clock for mushroom and chickpea curry. big big big love to you…STEVE x

  142. It was really great to see you when you popped home. I hope that you have now found a boat with decent people on it and that you eventually get to your intended destination. Hope to hear from you soon, let us know what you are up to.

  143. Easy J Boy,

    Where are you son? I hope you are somewhere warm as it’s spanner weather over here. Will you be home for Christmas? I am trying to get away somewhere so I don’t have to deal with finding somewhere to go for NeW Year and end up pay stupid money to get a baby sitter.

    All my family are good although accident prone and good at pissing themselves – the kids are well too. Boom boom. Enclosed a pic of them.

    Keep it salty.

  144. Hello Jamie, Sounds as if you been having more of an adventure than you bargined for!! Still must make life interesting and you must be enjoying yourself or else you would have thrown the towel in by now… Tim doesn’t think you’ll be home for Christmas, Liam will be disappointed he told me only last week that he still misses you and wish you could go for a bike ride with him. We miss you down the the Old E. now the winter nights are drawing in less people seem to be about.

    Well i am still trotting along wishing i was somewhere else.. I really do envy you.. but i reckon you must get home sick from time to time..

    Ah well i don’t want to make this to long as i’m not quite sure how you get this, but just because i’ve not been in touch doesn’t mean i’ve not been thinking of you.(hey even dreamt of you the other night!!) naught interesting you were just in the pub wearing stocking and suspenders !!!!!!!! odd i thought.. you take care now.. and have a good trip

  145. Sorry that we canโ€™t come and see you in Falmouth Jamie but Tim is taking me away on a surprise holiday for our anniversary. I am still missing you loads and hope that you make lots of friends on the new boat!

  146. Can you pass on to Jamie that I am getting married, and he better be back on dry land well before April 24th, which is when the wedding is set for! And before he mentions it, his bet expired a LONG time ago… Send him lots of love.

  147. Hello Jamie, Still enjoying your tales from the high seas! They read like a bedtime story. Indeed, I was reading some of your log to my Mother just this weekend. Not that I read to my Mother when she’s in bed, you understand. She is very impressed with your epic journey and Tim’s website! So you have yet another follower!! Anyway, enough about my Mother. My thoughts. as usual, are many miles away with you. Until next time…..

  148. Hi Jamie, Great site – and love the postcards (less sure about the pink bandana…). Looking forward to reading more, hearing about the senoritas and watching that tan develop! Keep safe and have fun…Love Neesh XX

  149. Easi cuz, hows it going, am back in pooey old england, my advice for you is to stay out there as long as you can or as long as your money gives you unless you meet a beauty swedish girg with big tits then come home now.

  150. jamie – or should that be jimbob, which is much more nautical. i’m glad you’re adjusting to a life on the ocean wave. have you managed to pull yet? if not, you’re probably managing to hallucinate the mirage of a passing of mermaid to keep you busy – keep up the good, well writing –

  151. Sending best wishes to Ramprasad and the crew – just got out of mobile phone coverage with Lorraine so no more texts! well done on the upgrade of the site

  152. Dear Pink Pirate, congratulations on completing the Bay of Biscuits – you can now call yourself a real man. Enjoy the next few weeks around the coast of Spain and Portugal, Columbus was married in Lisbon right before he discovered a safe passage West to the Indies.

  153. Watcha Jamie. Thanks for your essay! It was great to have a long report of the mysterious fog journey. Keep the letters coming when youโ€™re bored and have nothing to do. Will be saying goodbye to Tradewinds Court next Sunday so will give it a goodbye from you!

  154. MKD + Dolly Rainbowhead

    Demon, thank you ever so much for the letter, we received it yesterday (Wed). It felt like reading a Herge novel. We will write you a long e-mail once we move into our new flat, which hopefully is next to Buckingham Palace! Take it EZ.

  155. Been reading your postings with interest – keep em coming. How long is ya beard ? Have ya got salty dangleberries or scurvy ? Caught any fish yet ? Do ya self a favour and buy a rod and reel and some Rapala lures when you next touch down ? I ended up working back at Maya and Candice has got a job here as well ! Just been chatting to Jay on MSN and he is coming home in 2 weeks as he is running out of money. Anyways – keep on truckin (sailin) and keep the reports comin….

  156. Hello Jamie, Have just visited your website for the first time. I am very envious of your salty adventure! But to make myself feel better (and to pretend that I am not really sat sweating in a badly air-conditioned internet shop in Walthamstow) I shall be following your progress very closely! I look forward to the next batch of press cuttings! Until next time…..Love Amy (Pettipher, that is.)

  157. Easy Batty, Hope you’re prepared for the rough seas ahead and I hope you don’t get caught milking the baby fat, just pretend it’s fish bait. I hope that no gay fish will follow the boat then.

  158. Please send Jamie a message from me for the site, as I was too pissed the night before he went away to remember if I wished him well! – “Jamie – all the best me hearty, remember to change your pants sometimes, don’t drink the water and never eat yellow snow. Love and hugs, Jude XX ;-x”

  159. Really pleased to know jamie’s doing well, good on him, and please pass this message onto him – “Jamie: You must be losing weight now, you fat f****r!!!”

  160. Demon, forget the pirates, look out for the bandits, when it gets lonely! I hope you find yourself on your trip, and when you do, can you tell yourself that you owe me a pot noodle. Cheers.

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