Test page

Fantastic bit of coding, I love this. However I have three major issues that are ballsing this up for me.

1. There doesn’t seem to be a pre-load. Instead when you hit a new page all five banners are stacked vertically on top of each other and only when the entire page has loaded does the slider begin its magic.
2. On an iPhone every time the image refreshes, the entire page refreshes, rending my website useless for iPhone users.
3. Sometimes the images load up but appear to load with a ‘margin-top:10px’ in the layer. After 2 seconds the image shifts to its correct position.
4. Something has created a div with, say, 30px height as my entire page container has dropped down by that much.

I’d be really grateful if you could check this out for me ASAP as my new site went live this week and I’ve just launched a new service (complete with

mainmenu-jquerytest.php and jquery header

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