Diving Off The Bow

ram122After a quick hack into town where the others did some shopping from the huge market, we made our way to San Xenxo, a very Spanish holiday resort. The weather was perfect for sailing and we eventually anchored up just outside the bay. For the first time we saw water-skis and other active water sports, including pedalos! I climbed up the pulpit on the bow and dived into the water for what is now becoming my daily exercise regime.


ram141In the evening neither Conny nor myself went ashore (so no postcard). Instead we sat on the deck drinking 50 cent wine (we’ve fully taken advantage of the ridiculously cheap wine in Spain) and put the world to rights. He believes the human race will eventually become borgs. I agreed but believe this will not happen for hundreds of years. If we do become borgs then I think Conny will project manage this conversion.

I challenged Conny on his directness and efficiency: so far from his experience on the boat he claims the English are over-friendly, talking for the sake of talking, and that we cook too much when we really only need to eat bread (Lorraine and I have knocked up some blinding meals and experimenting with local Spanish ingredients). Also Conny claims there is not enough work to be getting on with. Hmmmmmm. Better watch this one.

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