What does it cost to sail around the world?

What does it cost to sail around the world? Are you planning a cruising budget? After a couple of discussions over on FTBMates, we decided to answer the question in a video. With more than 13 years living in our sailboat, we’ve come up with some pointers to help you plan a cruising budget.

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Liz and Jamie

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4 Comments on “What does it cost to sail around the world?”

  1. Great episode—thank you! Liz, love the new hair do! Sorry to bring it up…how about costs to consider when travelIng with pets? Quarantine costs? Vet visits? Getting food/litter?

    Thank you so much!!
    Debbie Goodwin
    Seattle, WA

    1. Yes, travelling with pets is a big factor to consider, almost worth a piece on its own and not just about cost.
      When we had Millie with us it dictated where we would go as some countries are just not worth the hassle.
      Dogs need to be walked every day, so how will you cope with long passages or in places that don’t like dogs?
      We never left Millie on the boat alone for longer than one night, so have not managed to explore inland as much as we would have liked (apart from India where she was looked after really well).
      And going back to the UK with Millie was a definite no-no, so we used to take it in turns, with one of us staying behind to look after her (we don’t trust catteries or boarding kennels).
      Food is usually easy to find unless your pet is picky. And toilets can be a challenge…
      Yep, lots to consider and more money to add to the budget. Cheers, Liz x

  2. Ik sonja zit naar jullie site te kijken. Wat ik mis zijn verhalen.. of geven jullie alleen advies.. want ik vraag mij af, wat de refit wel niet gekost heeft.. was het het waard. Als ik het zo ziet ,had je dan beter geen ander schip kunnen kopen.? Wij zijn van het schip Ikinoo een Breehorn 44. Liggen vast in New Zeeland. Wij hadden graag wat verhalen van jullie willen lezen, waar je zoal geweest zijn. Groetjes crew ikinoo.

    1. I translated your question through Google:
      “I’m sonja looking at your site. What I miss are stories .. or do you just give advice .. because I wonder what the refit did not cost .. was it worth it. If I see it that way, you shouldn’t have bought another ship.? We are from the ship Ikinoo a Breehorn 44. We are stuck in New Zealand. We would have liked to read some stories from you, where you have been. Greetings crew ikinoo. ”
      The whole site is full of stories from all the places we have been from Turkey to India to SE Asia. It is nearly 20 years old so there’s lots to read. Alternatively, watch our YouTube channel which has stories since 2015. Try this playlist of every episode from the beginning.
      Cheers, Liz

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