The only sailing rally in the world begins!

Deep in the middle of lockdown six intrepid sailboats, with a military escort laid on by Malaysia, sail the northern tip of Borneo. Through pirates, some of the best coral reefs in the world and up a river through an amazing tropical rainforest. Will we see pygmy elephants? Orangutans? Nesting turtles? Hammerhead sharks?

All that to come, but in the meantime here’s where it all begins.

We are trying to edit as we go, but from now can we ask you to be patient as we will be publishing posts on an ad hoc basis. We’re right in the rally now and we don’t get much time to edit or upload because we’re either sailing or exploring. Internet access is also pretty infrequent. Rest assured, though, we’ve already got loads of footage and stories to share with you.

Thanks for following us!

Peace and fair winds,
Liz and Jamie

Click below to watch the video and meet our small band of sailboat crew…

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