A Messy New Year!

Why haven’t you heard from us recently? Indeed we could ask why we haven’t heard from you too! Well, here’s our excuse:

Having made the decision to get off our asses and go for a sail, which will be our first in TWO YEARS (!), we are having to work our way through a stupid amount of jobs that should have been done before now. What with our land-based travels poor old Esper has been neglected somewhat, so now it’s time to attend to her needs and get cracking with those all important boat maintenance jobs.

I’m not going to bore you with a list of these jobs but I will entertain you with a quick guided tour of Esper and what she looks like after her guts have been ripped open. For those with no idea about living on a boat this is a little insight into what we get up to when preparing a boat for a sail.

Happy Messy New Year!

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9 Comments on “A Messy New Year!”

  1. Ohhhhhh – you have a long haul ahead of you. Bit of short term pain for the long term gain though! I hope you get your long awaited trip to the Maldives soon.

  2. My god – DIY on a boat looks even more complicated than it is on shore, and with less space to move around. Best of British for 2012!

  3. Best of luck. We are doing a little of the same. Maybe not so much to do but sort of stuff that is difficult on a 9 metre while living aboard so have rented a flat in Cesme. Looking forward to lots of sailing this year.

  4. ha ha that takes me back; I know that feeling (and mess) SO well! That’s not to say I’m not just a tiny bit envious. Good luck with it all and hope you get your wind pilot sorted

  5. OMG Jamie, its a bloody tip!!! Hope you both had a fab new year, sorry I haven’t been in touch, have been crap! Let me know what your plans are as I may be able to get down to the Maldives to meet you! 🙂

  6. Well, well well. Reminds me of a certain bedroom in the summer at “102” S/W! Great to see you now have the energy and inclination to tackle those much needed jobs. Look forward to hearing when “Esper” and the 3 of you are ready to set sail in 2012.

  7. Good to see the guts and heart of esper! And what it’s really like! Not dissimilar to our place at the moment, I’ll have to send you a video of our place!! Still, there is progress, which is good!

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