Video Clip Of My Girlfriend Stripping

Judging by the positive response from the last video clip we thought we’d post up another one for your titillation. It seems you lot like instant gratification so for those of you who can’t be bothered to read our more exciting written and photographic blog entries, here’s another clip for you to download and savour. It’s a clip of the Lovely Liz stripping! Better watch it quick before she finds out…

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14 Comments on “Video Clip Of My Girlfriend Stripping”

    1. Just finished the eighth (and last) today, hoo-bloody-ray. They are slipperly little suckers, with tiny bits of stainless steel that try to run away to The Borrowers, or stab you in the thumb. They are full of teeth and between every tooth there is the equivalent of 100 years of plaque build up.

      Bar stewards to put back together, but ultimately, strangely satisfying to see them sitting there, all lined up and raring to go.

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