This is Sumatra, but are those pirates or fishermen?

We’re in Sumatran waters now where piracy continues to plague seafarers, so what does it mean when a fishing boat follows and circles you for several miles offshore? Innocent fishermen amused by a flying octopus? Dodgy pirates viewing SY Esperfull of potential bounty? What could these locals want from us? Maybe an FTB t-shirt, and who wouldn’t want one of those?!

With over 200nm to cover off, it was a bit of a slog on the engine. But we amused ourselves by flying our new light-wind sail for the first time and  released “the Kraken”! Our aim was to get to the western Sumatran islands. 

‘The Kraken’ – our new Code 0

We made it to ‘Calm Bay’, a secluded little creek inside a fringing reef that offers good protection in calm waters. And as it was Jamie’s birthday we opened some Australian bubbly – without spilling  a drop!

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Now in the ‘tsunami zone’, every anchorage from hereon was affected either by the 2004 tsunami or the ensuing earthquake three months later. This is clearly evident in Calm Bay where Jamie explored a huge devastated reef on the south eastern tip.

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Liz, meanwhile, made friends with some local fishermen. Our stock of FTB t-shirts were starting to come in handy as presents for our seafaring neighbours. They’re going down a treat!

Thanks for reading and supporting our blog. Peace and fair winds!

Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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