We’re back!

Hello old friends! How have you been? For us, the last eight months since Liz’s dad died have been pretty intense, with lots going on in the UK and on board SY Esper. Now and then we’ve been able to capture some of the trials, tribulations and excitement on social media (Facebook and Instagram). But apart from YouTube videos, we’ve had to wind down our output, which has meant few opportunities to post anywhere except Patreon. BUT, all that is about to change…

We have added all the missing posts, which cover preparing the boat for its longest passage in some years, making our farewells to Thailand, dealing with problems back in the UK and heading to Sumatra and Borneo via the recently devastated Anak Krakatoa.

We have missed you and are raring to get going again here on the blog.

Right now all is well here on SY Esper – Millie still loves fish, Liz is still trying to catch fish, and Jamie’s still filming fish…

Peace and fair winds!

Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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2 thoughts on “We’re back!”

  1. Gary Campbell

    I decided to make quarterly donations through your other website. Patron takes too much of your money. I am shopping between a Swan and an Oyster. Thanks for all of your guidance; it has been helpful. I should have my 100 ton license completed this year. Best to you all,

    1. Oh Gary, that is absolutely fantastic of you, we really appreciate it! Thanks for being such a brilliant supporter. I had a notification from PayPal so all is well, and I will ensure your name remains on the roll call. ❤️ Peace and fair winds from we three. xxx

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