The Original FTB Introdution

Tim Furlong, Roving Reporter
Tim Furlong, Roving Reporter

On Saturday 26th July 2003 our intrepid adventurer swapped his Tintin quiff for his Captain Haddock hat and took on what is probably his most courageous trip to date. Armed with his precious iPod and very little sailing experience his intention was to cruise the Atlantic and reach The Caribbean around November. However, as you will soon learn, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Ninety one days and two boats later he finds himself back where he started! But ever more determined he continues his voyage to the islands of sun and spice, will he make it before Christmas? Place your bets please.

We have put together this website to keep you up to date with Jamie’s progress as and when he makes contact (as you can imagine this will not be very often). Follow Jamie’s diary and indulge in a graphical account of the ups and downs of life at sea…

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