$10,000 to re-rig our boat?! The rigging’s ten years old, so our insurers insist we change it, but what do the professional riggers think?

Wow, what a view from up there! Right across the mangroves out to sea. To be honest, Liz didn’t want to come down! So Jamie took some stunning footage with the drone around Liz as she dangled from the top of our main mast.

Liz was up there to help our rigger measure the triatic, a feat requiring a certain amount of acrobatics and skill on his behalf. At the time, we were planning a complete re-rig, but our rigger wanted to know why we were getting rid of perfectly good rigging.

“It’s 10 years old,” we said, “and the insurance company says we must change it.”

There’s nothing wrong with it, the rigger insisted, it just needs a few replacements and some attention here and there. And, he continued, we would be replacing excellent stainless steel provided by Oyster with an almost certainly inferior product. With the job complete, we sat down to discuss what to do next, service or replace? We contacted the insurance company, and they agreed that a certified rigging survey would be acceptable instead of a total re-rig. Let’s see what happens…

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Whatever you are doing today, we hope it’s a better day than we’ve just had, it’s been one step forward and two steps back in the wonderful world of boat maintenance. All we want to do is get out of Dodge and on towards Borneo, but Esper seems to have other plans. She keeps throwing spanners in the works, sometimes quite literally! Still, this is the best place to do this kind of work, so we are trying to be patient, and keep telling each other that it will all be alright in the end!

Liz’s favourite job…

That bloody diesel leak still needs attention, and Liz spends a glorious day cleaning out the tanks before Jamie can get down to making a second round of repairs. Jamie, meanwhile, gets on with checking the steering system, which means taking everything out of the lazarette and making the boat even more of a mess!

What a mess…

With no water or battery power, and every surface below and above decks covered in tools and boxes, it is a nightmare trying to live aboard. So we moved into one of the marina’s condos for some space, order and hot showers!

Then when our friend Katie arrived for a few days, we took advantage of her presence for some time out. We had a twenty-four hour break in Phuket, where we found another deal at the same hotel where we did our last shopping trip. And the Sala Hotel made it even more memorable by welcoming us back with a bottle of champagne in our room! Nice touch.

In the meantime, work still continues on the dodger, with Lek and Wit’s stainless team adding supports for the GRP/honeycomb back struts. It feels more spacious than we had hoped now it’s in situ, and is already giving us some shelter even without a front or sides. We can’t wait for it to be finished.



Thanks for your fantastic support!

Peace and fair winds to each and every one of you.


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