Scuba Diving And Snorkeling In The Red Sea

One of the greatest things about being in the Red Sea is, of course, the snorkeling and diving. Imagine, then, having the freedom to sail to a suitable location, drop the hook, hop in the dinghy, pick a dive spot and drop over the side with your gear on, ready for a dive!

Of course this helps if you have Graham of ‘Eeyore’ with you. He’s a qualified dive master and has a passion for diving that is matched only by his passion for sailing and making the best mango chutney this side of Africa.


Graham, Jim of 'Dragon Song' and myself return from a dive near Hurghada

It’s not just about the diving though. Snorkeling offers almost as much pleasure and we’ve all gone out and treated ourselves to some half decent gear; even Liz, who only ever gets her hair wet “when it’s 108 in the shade”. The opportunity for diving and snorkeling will continue as we make our way towards Sudan. Thank god I purchased that second hand dive gear off a boat back in Marmaris because it will come in useful over the next few weeks.

On one particular dive we were accompanied by Mick Banks who was out visiting Tony and Pat on ‘Full Flight’. Mick had treated himself to an underwater camera and, jealously, I’m reproducing a few here for you! All pics on this page (except the one above) are kindly reproduced with Mick’s permission. Thanks, Mick!

If anyone can help identify the fish, please use the comments box, below.

Yes, yes, it's a box fish. Ha ha.

Lion fish

Grape coral

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9 Comments on “Scuba Diving And Snorkeling In The Red Sea”

  1. Diving in the Red sea is really something else and only those who have done it there will know.Great pics.Peter

  2. Wow, what a contrast to the 3 fish dejectedly swimming around in Tim’s aquarium, still at “102”!

  3. Picture 5 you have Striped Butterfly Fish and Sergent Majors.

    No. 6 is possibly a Blue Parrotfish, there are many varieties of Parrotfish, the patterns and fins match but the colour doesn’t – unless you have been at the Photoshop again.

    In the last one you have Anthias and the others I don’t recognise.

  4. What can I say except Wow! I envy you! The pics are super Jamie!

    What’s thw wind like? It looks very calm in the first pic, despite everyone saying how windy the Red Sea is.

  5. Yup the diving is geat in the Red Sea. We have dived there several times and still love what it has to offer and so close a destination to the UK. Enjoy it.

  6. 🙂 wow indeed, from the snowy depths of Bedfordshire the pictures are fantastic. More please Jamie. Love Suzie x

  7. Hi Jamie, was the air we got from scruffy dive shop opposite the marina OK? I have been waiting for someone to try it before I do!

    Great pics, If I had known you were going to publish I would have combed my hair.

    Have ageat time, Love to Lizand we will see you in Oman.

    Trish and Jim

    Still in Hurgada leaving for Ashkelon tomorrow

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