Fly Me To The Moon

A happy new year to you! We celebrate the arrival of 2010 with a new series of podcasts from us, which we’ve titled ‘Through The Porthole’. They are a series of interviews with the Vasco Da Gama rally participants (the rally, remember, takes us from Turkey to India). To maintain interest amongst you non-sailors out there we’ve made a point of not talking about sailing but instead to find out a bit more about the people taking part. You’ll soon discover from this series that these people are many and varied.

Andy (centre) with his crew Russ and Roger

Meet Andy of sailing boat ‘Jenzminc 6’. Despite claiming that he only knows about sailing, this man has a very interesting story.

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8 Comments on “Fly Me To The Moon”

  1. Hello Jamie,thankyou for contacting us non-sailors.
    Graham EEYORE tells me to not clutter the site and you are telling us to keep in touch—we’re keeping in touch.We’re following you with Lo Brust.Dare we hope for a comment
    or even a look at Graham.
    Is there any kind of support we can contribute? personal deliveries might be a possibility

  2. Well Done, Andy, you are an inspiration to anyone suffering from similar health problems. What determination!

  3. I’ve known Andy Brennan for some 40 years. He is a wonderful example of achivement and determination. He suffered physical set backs that would have destroyed a lesser person but rehabilitated himself through his love of sailing and adventure. Every thing he does is done to the highest level of his ability. We have been sailing competitors, fellow Flag Officers at Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Business Partners and best of all friends. Behind every great man there is a great woman and Jenny, Andy’s wife, is no exception. Andy has had many yachts – all beautifully rigged and maintained. I have cruised with him on the latest Jenzminc in the Med and this boat is in my view one of the best every built. All of his boats have been named Jenzminc which literally means, Jenny’s Minc. All of the boats have been the alternative to the Minc coat his wife was happy to forgo in order to sail through life with him. Andy is a great bloke and Jenny a real darling.

  4. Big Andy, Dad, I love you…. I wish you fair weather and kind seas, looking forward to a holiday in Thailand on the boat some time soon…

    Your son

    GAVIN…. πŸ˜†

  5. Hi Jamie
    Loved the interview with Andy, I have meet Andy many times and went to school with his son. A very inspiration story,tight sheet Andy

    1. I think the comments from Andy’s family and friends back up our impression of the man: a gentle, knowledgeable, good-humoured and inspirational sailor and human being. Oh, and he lays on a pretty good bbq, but who would expect less?

      We are looking forward to catching up with him in Thailand towards the end of 2010 and hopefully with his family in Oz when we eventually get to sail into the magnificent port of Sydney.

      By the way, big credit to Andy’s crew; the lovely Rog and Russ both of whom have their own tales to tell, but that’s another story…

  6. We sailed with Captain Brennan and Jenni last year into Venice and then Croatia. I can only say as a novice sailor not once did i fear our 12 days on board. We are very sorry that we were unable to catch up with the boys last weekend in Salalah, but from Dubai (where we currently live it was just not possible). We hope to catch up later in the year in Phuket. in shalah. May you have fair weather and favourable winds for the rest of your voyage. Regards Merrideth & Michael

  7. Wow,it was great to hear Andy`s interview…from Canada! I won`t be dropping by Andy and Jens with a bottle (or 36 bottles) of wine this year…but follow Jenzminc`s journey with anticipation. hopefully I`ll get to be aboard her someday soon,,,Cheers mate Alan

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