Coptics And Carriages

Despite Egypt’s current status as a Muslim country it actually hosted the oldest form of organised Christianity. They are called Coptics and make up between 10-15% of the Egyptian population. Hopefully further down the line I will get to chat more intimately with a Muslim and what their faith means to them but whilst in Egypt I was desperate to chat to a Coptic.

Eventually I pulled it off. I met a young Coptic woman in Luxor who was willing to chat and be recorded, a feat unto itself since most Egyptians are quite guarded when it comes to opinions. Despite taking a few minutes to open up and insisting that we change her name to Maria, the name of her daughter, this is a great insight. Furthermore we conducted our little chat aboard a horse and carriage, taking in the scenes of the backstreets of Luxor!

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4 thoughts on “Coptics And Carriages”

  1. Mike and Lesley Furlong

    Very atmospheric and colourful sound and vision -it makes daily Egyptian life come alive for us in a cold & damp England.
    Furlongs Senior in Saffron Walden

  2. A good friend of ours won the Somerset Maugham prize with his book on the Copts: Afar Land. His name is Philip Marsden – see if you can get it, it’s brilliant.

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