Our charts are OUT, they’re taking us overland!

In the reef-strewn islands of Batu, we discovered just how faulty our charts are as we navigated between narrow channels and rocks. It’s a drop-dead gorgeous place with text book white sand beaches and palm fringed coasts, but it didn’t half take some concentration to find a safe place to anchor. On the way out we ran into difficulties and made a hasty back-track to safer waters.

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While we were buying diesel and local food at Telos town, we met a man who is dedicated to making the lives of these islanders better. Dr Derek Allen spends all his available time helping the poor people of Telos who have no doctor or hospital.

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Derek’s been dispensing free medical treatment in these islands since 2004 when he came to assist after the infamous tsunami. He fell in love with the people, and now dedicates all his time to giving aid. After a couple of months back in NZ collecting equipment and drugs while he works, he heads straight back out to his patients.

For more on Doctor Derek’s charity, or if you’d like to volunteer, check out his website, TroppoDoc. There truly are angels walking among us.

Peace and fair winds!
Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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