What are YOUR top 5 YouTube sailing channels?

We don’t have much time to watch other sailing channels, but there are some which we dip in and out of when we can. These are the five channels we tend to go back to. Check out our list below. What are YOUR favourite channels; who should we be watching and why? Let us know in the comments. Sharing the love!! ❤️ ❤️❤️

RAN Sailing No fuss, no fakery, just two people doing it with Swedish style. And they’ve sailed to Alaska, particularly interesting for us as that’s where we’re headed! We love you, Malin and Johan! SAILING THE PACIFIC

Sailing Kittiwake Elena and Ryan are a plucky and resourceful young couple, showing how it’s possible to live the dream while you’re still young. KITTIWAKE FROM THE BEGINNING

Sailing Emerald Steel Jules and Suzie are the real deal and have been living aboard for over 30 years! There’s lots and lots to learn from their excellent videos. SHARING WHAT WE’VE LEARNED

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Sailing SV Delos The original, and still to our minds the best. No tricks or clickbait, these guys are living the dream for so many. We are proud to support them on Patreon, and thrilled they choose to support us too. Great job guys! SEASON 6 – SAILING THE CARIBBEAN

Project Manaia Another channel we support on Patreon, they are “an Ocean Conservation NGO aiming to establish Marine Protected Areas in key locations around the world” Good work Manuel and Pinar! SEASON 2

Peace and fair winds!
Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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15 Comments on “What are YOUR top 5 YouTube sailing channels?”

  1. Nice list and I would like to add:

    1) Free Range Sailing: probably the best one out there, very good mix of fixing the boat, sailing places (around Australia), history and culture of the local place, eye candy, both scenery and, you know, on the deck 🙂 The editing is on par with followtheboat

    2) Sailing with the Foxwell Family: must be biased here, they sail the same waters I do. They sail on a number of boats, from Wayfarers (:3), to bigger boats, sometimes solo, sometimes with the entire family, including the dog. Fair share of fixing/improving things too.

    3) Erik Aanderaa: real life viking, sailing solo on the North Sea and beyond. Some tutorials too.

    4) Sail Fanatics: fair small channel, but very good videos on a range of manoeuvres. The gentleman seems to be a sailing instructor and he does a good job at explaining things.

    1. Brilliant! We were hoping to see some more names here in the comments for everyone to see. Thank you!

  2. Hi you two!
    Our favorites are
    1 Follow the Boat
    2. RAN Sailing
    3. Free Range Sailing
    4. Wynns
    5. The Old Sea Dog
    We spend our Saturday & Sunday mornings with coffee in bed, catching up with you and all our favorites…dreaming of the day!
    We have more than 5 that we like to watch…
    Your faithful landlocked sailors,
    Darcey & Kelly

  3. I like many channels. Follow the boat is naturally on my list and some that are mentioned herein too. In addition, I also like “Out Chasing Stars”, “Sailing Florence”, “Eric Andreaa”, “Patrick Laine” and “Sailing Kestral Adventures” among other.

    1. That’s great, I haven’t heard of any of these! Great to share here with everyone, thank you!

  4. Sailing nandji cause there living the dream.
    Sailing atticus cause they are trying hard
    White spot pirates cause she is relentless at fixing karl
    Two afloat cause they are awesome humans
    Sailing nahoa cause they are a solid channel
    Finding avalon cause i am in love with the actress
    Sail life cause someones got to be the nerd and he is.
    Sampson boat works cause its a treasure
    Sailorama for the underdogs

    I also enjoy sometimes
    La vega
    Vet tails since she ditched simon

    And of coarse follow the boat cause i am always going to following the boat.

  5. Check out Sailing Magic Carpet. A boat builder and a musician take to the seas! If you love the violin, this one’s for you.

  6. My List,
    FTB – Knowledge, and something different than the Carribean – exploring new boundaries that few have traveled. (RAN).
    Delos – Worldly Travelers.
    Sailing Lady Africa – Young couple that are beginners after a complete two-year refit of a Dean39 Cat.
    Ran – The exploration of the seven seas (FTB) that are in the same boat. Now to restart their journey with their daughter as a young family.
    Nahoa – following the dreams around the world in different places.
    Sailing Florence – Simplicity at its best.
    The Old Seadog – Solo sailer that’s following his dream and recording it at his age – wonderfull.
    Odd Life Crafting – Young couple that found an abandoned boat that they are busy repairing to set sail.

    I most likely have about ten more channels to watch over the weekends as a couch potato as they all have different stories to tell in their own way.

    deleted list – Not into tits by selling your soul to gain something that other out there work hard every-week and then a constant moaning channel
    La Vag,
    Ruby Rose

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