Introduction to launch

With Esper officially registered in their names Liz and Jamie return to Turkey to launch her for the summer. Over to Jamie:

Heart atack at Heathrow Airport! I loaded my cases onto the check-in scales and it turned out I was carrying over eighty kilos, fifty over the allotted amount! Credit card in hand I took the excess baggage hit, which came to over two hundred quid, and that was with 20kg taken off because the check-in girl fancied me or something. Anyway, amongst all the crap I had with me was a Mastervolt battery charger and monitor, VHF radio, blocks, fishing gear, six car speakers, car stereo and accessories, clothes, books, magazines…..I was carrying so much gear with me there was no way I could travel any distance without the aid of taxis or trolleys. Of course the usual hassle of losing a rucksack at Bodrum airport prevailed but I’m not even going to go into that one as it stresses me just thinking about it. The rucksack turned up two days later but I did resent paying Turkish Airlines over £200 to lose an important item of luggage for me. Sigh. Onwards and upwards.

I arrived Sunday night but it wasn’t until next day that a collective of Mehmets and Meurats could come aboard and start drilling, sawing and digging into their tasks, all to be completed by the Friday. Check out the work carried out by clicking on the options at the top of the page, culminating in an amusing naming ceremony!

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