Mr Bond, I Presume?

Leaving the anchorage of Tilos

Leaving the anchorage of Tilos

Keen to wipe the memory of my accident I made an early exit from Tilos, with John of ‘Odin’ following behind. The plan was to sniff our way up to Nisiros but John had had enough of tying to harbour walls and wanted to anchor. Meanwhile I’d never anchored in a harbour on my own and knew it was impossible for one person with my set-up. We missed out Nisiros in the end, much to Liz’s disappointment. With its dramatic volcanic centre she claims it’s one of her fave Greek islands. Instead John and I plonked ourselves in the lee of Yali, the island north of Tilos, giving us a little respite from these consistent near-gale gusts.

Having been severely excavated the grey tiers of mined hillside gives Yali the appearance of a James Bond villain’s island dwelling, but at least here the sea bed was sand and anchoring was a doddle.

My troubles started when I attempted to turn the engine off. I pressed the ‘off’ button and nothing happened, the engine continued to trundle away. “Relay switch”, I thought. I picked up instructions manuals, reference books, and anything else that might offer a solution. In the end I bottled it and called John on the VHF. Both John and I were hesitant to manually cut the fuel from the pump for fear of not being able to start the engine again. In the end we bit the bullet and shut it down and to our joy the engine started again. We got down to working out what the problem was.

By six in the evening we’d not only changed the relay switch (I was right, to my surprise), but identified another mysterious gadget, sourced some charging problems and fixed the cockpit anchor button, meaning I can now deploy the anchor whilst at the helm. Despite my earlier problems things were starting to look up!

I get by with a little help from my friends.

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