Menu Please. Er, Menu? Please?

mumcup10:00…Goodbye Gümüslük! A six-hour sail saw Turkey on Port and Kos at Starboard and just as my competent cabin crew course started to flood back to me… 1600…Hello Bodrum!

Before going back the Marina, the Skipper decided to moor on the other side of Bodrum Castle. From here we could see all of the Bodrum beach bars and the world’s loudest club (I didn’t hear it though).

A successful mooring saw us back at the Marina, (coincidentally in the same spot we left three days ago!) I spent ages in the site’s toilet and shower, I was still swaying from the sea, but it was good to have a proper clean and release.

Evening time and we went to a restaurant where Liz once had a surprise party at, apparently it was excellent fun…tonight however was not. Two tables were shoved together for us, one of which was too close to someone else’s table. The waiter came up to us with a pile of crap on a plate saying “Who wants this?” Rachel and Dad said “Yes”, because they were starving but Mum, Jamie and I wanted to look at the menus, but he didn’t bring out the menus he just started to bring out other food. Basically he had nothing on the menu and was trying to fob us leftovers. After 10-15 minutes of neither side understanding the other’s language we upped and left when he brought our wine over. We ran away like naughty school kids, still munching on the free bread. (Over the next couple of days we walked on the other side of the road when passing the restaurant in case we were recognised!)

So onto a lovely Italian in the Yacht Club. Whilst we ate our main course, it started to absolutely piss it down. As the thunder roared and the wind picked up, I felt cosy sitting under the restaurant’s outside canopy, that’s when I realised I’d left one of Esper’s portholes open. I ran back to the pontoon in the pouring rain, only to discover that Jamie had also left 4 other windows open. Luckily the interior didn’t get too damp.

Sailing Advise Number 6: Always shut all port holes on a Yacht; you never know when it’ll rain Turkish cats and dogs!

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