Having A Storming Time Here!

Central Bodrum in general is only a bit cheaper than England, so Rachel and I were pleased to have a big, cheap, greasy spoon this morning with as much tea as we wanted.

We walked to the tourist part of Bodrum (avoiding last night’s restaurant), and checked out all the tacky shops. Clothes shops were more expensive than London so I didn’t get anything, Rachel got an Evil Eye to ward off evil spirits and we both bought Jamie some sausage cushions for Esper to thank him for the accommodation.

Rachel and Marcus fill up on eggs and bacon
Rachel and Marcus fill up on eggs and bacon

In the Evening Jamie, Rach and I walked to Mum and Dad’s Hotel (avoiding last night’s restaurant). We had to walk through a few shitty streets to get there, but it certainly was a diamond in the rough. Nice en suite room, swimming pool, bar, pet cat and view of Bodrum from the top of the villa (Jamie knew the owner…naturally).

A few drinks at the hotel bar and then onto Sunger a balcony restaurant near the Marina. Lovely Place, Lovely Locals and Lovely Food…it was my last opportunity to have a Pizza, don’t get me wrong I love Turkish food and mezze but I really fancied a weekend pizza with red wine.

Went back to the boat feeling pissed and tried to watch Day of the Dead, but fell asleep half way through.

Sailing Advise Number 7: Saw a photo Dad took of a boat we moored up next to by the Castle yesterday…it was now stranded on the beach because of the storm. Also heard that a British girl died in the storm…SO BE CAREFUL!

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