FTB Sailing Interview #05 | Lorraine and Marco Hoff | s/y Pension Games

We catch up with Lorraine and Marco Hoff of s/y Pension Games on a bright, blustery afternoon in Brighton Marina, UK. They live aboard their Oyster 406 and we chat to them about Marco’s stature, Bora Bora, not being able to see live music, the eighties…and cats.

We’d like to thank Lorraine and Marco for putting us up for the night. We’d never met them in person before this interview but we’ve been Facebook friends with Lorraine for years, so it was a real pleasure to finally meet them in person and spend a fun evening with them. You’ll also note we took some of your ideas on board and have added in a few extra shots of their boat and asked them why they decided to go for the boat that they have. Catch the video above or click here to watch on youtube.

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