Leaving Langkawi – Esper’s First Sail + Interior Shots

Of course this isn’t Esper’s first sail per se, but this is the first time we’ve shaken out the sails since the refit. There’s performing planes, fishing nets… and a before-and-after montage of Esper’s interior.


This week’s video covers our little trip up the coast to Telaga and checking out before heading over to Ko Lipe. We also have a little ‘before and after’ slide show because we’ve been asked by a number of people for a look inside Esper post refit. It’s a nice little clip with some great shots of Langkawi’s lush mountains and gentle seas.


Unfortunately we don’t have much time to write a blog post because we’re about to set off for a sail. All the interesting stuff is in the video clip anyway but if you don’t have the bandwidth for videos, the following photographs tell the same story.

Our first view after leaving the marina

Our first view after leaving the marina – looking north whilst heading west down the main channel.

Millie the cat checks the sprayhood

Millie the cat checks the sprayhood

Haven't seen this view in a while

Haven’t seen this view in a while

Telaga Bay Anchorage

We love Telaga. Every time we’ve anchored there we opt to anchor outside the two man-made islands as it gets a bit busy inside the lagoon. A bit like a car-park. The Machincang mountain range to the north are spectacular and, providing there’s no SW wind, it’s a safe, comfortable anchorage, as long as you don’t mind the hundreds of squid fishing boats with their green lights and generators all night.

Sunrise at Telaga anchorage

Sunrise at Telaga anchorage

Esper at anchor first thing in the morning - looking north

Esper at anchor first thing in the morning – looking north towards the Machincang mountain range

The fuelling depot at Telaga marina

The fueling depot at Telaga marina

Checked out and ready to go

Checking out in Telaga is almost as quick as Kuah, taking only 15 minutes to complete. Since we were in the area we fueled up and are now ready to set sail out of Malaysia and towards Phuket via Ko Lipe.

Bring it on…

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6 Comments on “Leaving Langkawi – Esper’s First Sail + Interior Shots”

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! As you know, it’s not always plain sailing on s/y Esper, but we do have some fun telling it like it is through our videos. xxx

  1. This is the video I have been waiting for. Some good sailing, view of smart interior of Esper and a happy Millie РGreat!

    1. The Changing Rooms clip was made with you in mind, Ma! Millie is even happier now as Liz has managed to catch three fish in the last 24 hours.

  2. Thought I’d skip forward and hooray, back proper sailing!

    Love those Google fly-bys, remind me of Far Cry (a game you’d appreciate where you are now).


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