Join our live chat Sunday 24th January

We’ll be taking questions on the hoof, so don’t post yours here but join our chat on the day. Click the link and tap the “Set Reminder” bell to ensure you don’t miss the fun…

We’ll be going live from SY Esper at 06:00 on the morning of Monday 25th January (with strong cups of coffee to help!). But times differ around the world, so check below for example local times:

👉SUNDAY 24th January
🕑San Francisco, USA – 14:00 (PST)
🕔New York, USA – 17:00 (EST)
🕡St. John’s, CA – 18:30 (NST)
🕙London, UK – 22:00 (GMT)

👉MONDAY 25th January
🕕KK, Malaysia – 06:00
🕕Perth, AUS – 06:00 (AWST)
🕘Canberra, AUS – 09:00 (AEDT)
🕚Wellington, NZ – 11:00 (NZDT)

We’re looking forward to talking to you!
Liz and Jamie xx

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5 Comments on “Join our live chat Sunday 24th January”

  1. Your email did not arrive until mid day on the 25th.
    So sorry I missed it would have loved to have beep part of your live performance.



    1. Hey Nigel. I think I have some emails of yours to catch up on. We’re off at anchor next week so we can catch up then. Hope you’re keeping well.

  2. What I want to know is this. If I tow this behind a RIB can I be classed as a true live a board.(see you tube link)

    Love all your works. You provide great inspiration in these difficult times of lockdown. Well it inspired me from having never sailed this time last year to getting my skippers ticket by the end of 2020. Must be said sailing in 30 knot winds in the Solent in November is a little different from most of your videos.
    Peace and fair winds

    1. I reckon that would have you in the club for sure, Laurence! Thanks for the kind feedback. Great to hear you’re doing your sailing exams, good on you.

  3. Hey Liz and Jamie,

    Sorry we missed the live chat, We were out of internet range off Whitsunday Island in Queensland. We made it there from South Australia! 7 days of blissful sailing that nearly didn’t;t happen thanks to CV restrictions.

    BTW We are having a vlog binge to catch up for the 2 weeks we’ve missed. We’re really enjoying each one; great advice mixed with some lovely sailing shots.. Hope you’re eye is feeling better, Liz!

    Best wishes,

    PS: We’re now starting to research steel vs fibreglass hulls. We plan to upgrade to a 40 footer in the next year. Currently we have a reliable 25 foot Top Hat but we’re too limited. If you have any thoughts about this we’d love to hear.

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