Good News: a Competition! Bad news: 2020 Sucked

… so we’re taking a break.

We’ll be back in 2021, but not exactly sure when, so please keep in touch via our social media (FB, Instagram, occasionally Twitter) where we will post updates. If you are an FTBMate or Patreon you will be seeing lots of news in your feeds, and do continue to stay in direct contact with us as always on the FTBMate forums, which we expect to have more time to enjoy.

In this last episode of the year, we want your feedback, give some love to our viewers and supporters and explain in more detail why we’re taking this extended break.

We also have a competition, which we’d love you to enter. Our favourite answer wins and will be announced in the new year.

There’s also an explanation of why we use advertising on YouTube and those dreaded “mid-roll ads”. We ask YOU how we should move forward and post Liz’s parody of a stoopid ad.

Wishing you a merry Christmas (or happy holiday, if Christmas isn’t your thing) and a better new year.

Much love,
Jamie and Liz xx

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One Comment on “Good News: a Competition! Bad news: 2020 Sucked”

  1. For the competition, you must come back, your videos allow me to sail and explore when I am unable to do so in person.

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