Good News: a Competition! Bad news: 2020 Sucked

… so we’re taking a break.

We’ll be back in 2021, but not exactly sure when, so please keep in touch via our social media (FB, Instagram, occasionally Twitter) where we will post updates. If you are an FTBMate or Patreon you will be seeing lots of news in your feeds, and do continue to stay in direct contact with us as always on the FTBMate forums, which we expect to have more time to enjoy.

In this last episode of the year, we want your feedback, give some love to our viewers and supporters and explain in more detail why we’re taking this extended break.

We also have a competition, which we’d love you to enter. Our favourite answer wins and will be announced in the new year.

There’s also an explanation of why we use advertising on YouTube and those dreaded “mid-roll ads”. We ask YOU how we should move forward and post Liz’s parody of a stoopid ad.

Wishing you a merry Christmas (or happy holiday, if Christmas isn’t your thing) and a better new year.

Much love,
Jamie and Liz xx

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7 Comments on “Good News: a Competition! Bad news: 2020 Sucked”

  1. We wish you a better 2021, although we fear personal freedom, free speach, free movement and the truth will remain further under pressure and suppressed. Also for us, 2020 was a disasterous year, projects had to be canceled or postponed and seeing friends loosing their livelihood and going bankrupt etc. is hard. For free minded people the comming years will remain difficult. “Elites” continue pressing for global enslavement, fearfull work- and consumerslaves are the future human “standart”. How ever, wishing you a pleasant and nice X-mas and a happy new year! Keep on going – we do the same!

  2. Not coming back? Don’t say that!!! Let’s hope it’s just this COVID nonsense that is grinding us down. Perhaps one video a fortnight would allow you to enjoy your travelling more and still allow us sofa surfers to come along for the ride?

    Personally I don’t like ads of any description, TV or YouTube, but I understand they help support your channel so they won’t affect my viewing. And it looks like there aren’t any when watching through FTB Mates?

    For me I most enjoy the sailing footage and the maintenance stuff. But it is the destinations that make me want to get out there so it’s all good.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year.


  3. Yes, a stressful year! We sold our home and sailboat in 2019 and moved from Canada to Mexico. And then Covid arrived. We miss sailing and love sharing in your adventures, particularly as we are a similar age.
    I don’t love ads, but recognize that nothing is free. It’s okay…
    The sample as you put up didn’t run. Just a 1 second break and then back to you.
    You both are lovely and I hope that you have a relaxing break and will return.
    Wishing you both a wonderful and happy Christmas.

  4. Hi and Merry Christmas. Interesting video this morning. Several things.

    Thank you as always for sharing your life’s journey. I follow several sailing channels, each different but all have one thing in common. Very personable boat owners, different parts of the world and all willing to share the good, the bad and the ugly of daily life. Mostly tho, beautiful places most of which I’d otherwise never get to visit.

    Because you’ve both added so much to my life’s learnings and because you are both really honest about your life’s adventure, you are the only sailing channel I support, initially through Patreon and now through FTBMates. I figured you both work hard to give us the window to your world it should not be for free. Thus the support.

    Why are we watching less? In addition to what you mentioned in this latest video, I do believe that this virus and the necessity for lockdowns has really cast a sort of fog on people’s lives. in my case, a sort of time to take time off, focus on things that can be done in such a quiet time and really just try to get through a day without finding out that a friend, relative or eve my wife or myself have come down with he flu. Added to that, the recent election here in the US was so divisive and frustrating that I think many people have just turned the news off, including even YouTube! A giant cluster-yank.

    Anyway, take the time off. Re-charge the batteries. Spend time for yourselves. Be selfish for each other. I know that when episodes resume, it will be a continuation of the great programming we’ve all enjoyed for years.

    Merry Christmas and God willing , a happy New Year in ’21.


    PS. For some strange reason, my favorite episodes have always been the one’s where you are in the boatyard or on your boat fixing things that just break or need updating. Always love the sailing episodes and of course the passing of Millie was difficult for all to watch.

  5. For the competition, you must come back, your videos allow me to sail and explore when I am unable to do so in person.

  6. We love your videos, please come back when you want! Although we are stuck in lockdown in Crete, Greece on our boat (Oyster 56′) and Christmas has been cancelled here, we have loved watching all of your videos, and especially the recent rally videos, as it takes us away from our endless winter boat maintenance.
    As for the YouTube advertising, we are used to clicking the “skip ad” button each time they pop up. If the advertising means that you can keep transmitting your channel for free and we don’t have to pay to watch YouTube channels like yours, we accept this small concession, if that is indeed how it works?
    Being in Greece, the ads we were shown while watching your blog were for a Greek power company and a BMW car, all in Greek, so we never know what they are saying and another reason to “skip” them, but we are happy to do that, to keep you and other channels like you publishing.

  7. I’ve enjoyed your sharing of your experiences. These are places of the world that I never would have seen. I enjoyed sailing in my younger days, now being almost 70 years young, brought back memories! Thanks so much, you guys rock! The additional ads are unfortunate. Looking forward to your sharing always. Stay safe and take care of yourselves. Praying for you and your future plans. You are the best.

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