Our videos are back and we’re going DAILY!

Before Christmas we uploaded a video announcing that we were taking a sabbatical. With over a thousand comments (and still more coming in even now), we were overwhelmed by the response we received. Many of our regular viewers who had never commented before wrote wonderful words of encouragement. Thank you.

We’re sorry if we did not reply to you, but we read every single one of them.

But now we’re back, and we’ve got two weeks of daily videos coming up. This is the first of 12, so if you want to see them all NOW then come and join us on FTBMates for as little as $2 a month…

Your outpouring of support and words of appreciation really helped us to de-stress. And your messages have given us renewed enthusiasm.

We set ourselves the impossible task of choosing just one comment to win a prize on why we should keep putting out videos. It was hard, but in the end, we chose this one from Ed Russell which gave us both a lift when we needed it…

“You need a break and that’s fair enough.

  • I started watching your vlogs during your refit, so I had to binge watch all your stuff to see who you three were.
  • I fell in love with our beloved Millie, and her fresh fish diet and her watching as Liz reeled in her lines to see what was for dinner.
  • I loved watching you guys actually showing the excitement of putting up sails, and bounding out to the horizon to chase the next sunset and next isolated little spot that had caught your eye.
  • I’ve seen vlogs of Liz cooking in the galley, and thought of how incredible it must smell in there, and how fortunate you guys are to be in that place in time.
  • You share with the whole world your vision of what is good in us all, what is true beauty, the lovely planet we have, and the beautiful peoples of this world.
  • You have shared music that has changed what I listen to now. And opened my ears for more new culturally-different experiences.
  • I’ve watched Jamie scrape the muck off the bottom a few times and thought how it would be a chore, but look at where you are doing it. It certainly beats digging ditches by the side of the road.

I was just in a store yesterday looking at some dress shirts, and honestly was thinking of the ones Jamie wears whilst sailing. I realised I was trying to find something similar. So yes, you two do have an impact on your viewers’ lives. I’ve left many comments on your channel over the years, and I hope to continue to do so. You keep uploading the incredible vlogs and I will be here watching when you do, so I can see places I will never be able to go myself.
You are not just shooting vlogs, you are some people’s avenue to adventure and travel.
You guys do make a difference.”
Ed Russell, YouTube

Thanks, Ed. And love to all of you who got in touch to wish us well.
Jamie and Liz xx

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