How to enjoy a tropical island paradise: Ko Lipe

Having checked out of Malaysia we make the 25 mile hop to beautiful Ko Lipe, where we find clichéd azure seas, white sand beaches and, most importantly, fish for Millie.

The Video

You may have noticed that our sailing blogs now come complete with a video. In fact, we spend more time putting these video clips together than anything else we do on ftb. We want to tell our story in the most entertaining way possible, and hope you like this new format of a brief written blog entry along with some of our favourite photographs and a short video.

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Check out the video for some tropical island action.

Leaving Malaysia

We loved Telaga but it was time to move on and enjoy one last chance to take in the fantastic sunsets over that mountain range before an early start next morning.

Sunset over Telaga

The seas were pretty flat so we motor-sailed all the way.

Motorsailing to Ko Lipe from Telaga, Langkawi, Malaysia

Still, we got to play with our new Zeus B&G navigation system, which we shall be writing about at a later date.

Dropping the hook on the north side

Ko Lipe is part of the Adang-Rawi archipelago, also known as the Butang Islands. It didn’t take long for us to relax after dropping the hook between Ko Lipe and Adang, opposite Sunset Beach.

Millie relaxes with a G&T

Millie relaxes with a G&T

Liz practices her fishing skills, which Millie appreciates.

Millie tucks into her breakfast

Millie tucks into her breakfast

We take the dinghy ashore to Sunset Beach.

Dinghy ride towards sunset beach, Ko Lipe, Thailand

During the day Sunset Beach is a fairly quiet spot as the tourists only descend upon this place at… guess when?

Liz and friend Jayne enjoy those beautiful shallow waters

Liz and Jayne enjoy those beautiful shallow waters on Sunset Beach

Jungle and Walking Street

The two main beaches are divided by jungle and a small network of roads locally known as Walking Street. It takes just fifteen minutes to walk between the two, taking you over the hill past the tourist shops and onto the other side towards Sunrise Beach. Whichever path you take, you’re guaranteed shade by some beautiful tropical plants.

Towards Sunrise Beach

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