Followtheboat Wins Telegraph Travel Piece

Well, well, well. Whilst I’ve been busy editing my photographs it seems someone has been secretly submitting her travel writing to the upper echelons of the world of journalism. Clearly setting her sights higher than the sensationalist tabloid sailing blog she usually writes for, Liz has had her hard work recognised by The Daily Telegraph.

Her 500 word essay on the joys of sailing at night won this week’s Telegraph Travel Writing Competition.

“I am delighted to tell you that your article about sailing has been chosen as the winner in this week’s competition”, Michael Kerr, travel deputy editor, said in an email. “Thanks for a lovely little piece.”

It goes live online today (see link below) and will be published on the back page of tomorrow’s Telegraph Travel supplement.

Just back: towards the Arabian Sea dawn

You can read her essay here, or if you are in the UK you’ll be able to find it in Saturday’s print edition of The Telegraph. Go Liz!

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25 Comments on “Followtheboat Wins Telegraph Travel Piece”

  1. Fantastic news about the writing competition! I always read the travel writing competition every Saturday and often wonder If i should send something in Well done Liz, looking forward to picking up my copy and reading over a coffee and croissant!

  2. will wait until tomorrow so I have the pleasure of reading it over a breakfast of red wine on an empty stomach, will have to watch my back on the writing stakes, hope this is first of many Liz, very well done.

    1. Yer back’s safe for a while longer… oh for a glass of good wine; not long now.

    1. Thanks, my old friend. I suppose some of what we were taught must have stuck after all!

  3. Extremely well crafted,not easy to pack that into 500 words and still bring out the real feeling of a night watch at sea.
    Not that I am jealous, it will be my turn one of these days.

    Fair Winds


    1. Thank you, I take that as a great compliment. Thanks too for the link which I read with interest.

  4. well done, Liz – and Jamie for the photography comp – the two of you seem all set for a book deal. Now who do you know in publishing…!?


    1. Thanks, Neesh, coming from you that is praise indeed. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling than writing a book about our experiences… now, just need to find that publisher.

  5. Congratulations, really proud of you! So, you may not have followed in father’s footsteps with archaeology but journalism comes more naturally! Makes sense! Beautifully written too. I’m sure there’s a book in you too!

  6. I’m grateful for all the kind words. “Correction does much, but encouragement does more.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

  7. Excellent read.
    It actually takes you there on the Morning Watch, creating images of the night onboard with the warm breeze, the evening sky and the sea all around.

  8. Brilliant stuff Liz, your words truly capture the essence of an early morning watch in the cockpit with the stars, phosphorescence and sea for company.

  9. Bravo Liz ! You captured a beautiful moment. I envy your journey and the bounty of emotions that only the sea can give. A very big hug to both and – of course – Millie ! XXX

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