Followtheboat Published In ‘Sailing Today’

The first of four articles by followtheboat appears in September’s edition of ‘Sailing Today’, which is available in the shops today! This is the first article that covers the Vasco da Gama rally from Turkey to India. I wrote the story and Jamie took the stunning photographs.

Of course we are very excited about this! It’s a six-page feature and will be rolled out over four editions. This one covers the first part of the rally from Turkey to Egypt.

Please do support us and buy a copy, read it and email Sailing Today telling them how much you loved it! If you can’t get to the shop then you can purchase a digital version online for just £3. Look for issue 161 on this page, which should be updated soon.



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5 thoughts on “Followtheboat Published In ‘Sailing Today’”

  1. connie Lockwood

    Congratulations Liz and Jamie! I sensed from the first time I read your articles and looked at your photos that I was very fortunate to be sharing such interesting and well written pieces as well as enjoying amazing photography that should be shared with a broader reading base.
    Your readers are in for a real treat!

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