Followtheboat Wins Its First Competition

I’ve been badgering Jamie for some time now to take his photography to the next level. I mean, some of his shots are breath-taking, aren’t they?

Having reluctantly agreed he generously allowed me to do the legwork. I decided to start by entering his work into some competitions, this would get his name and work known.

It seems that my nagging is beginning to pay off. Firstly, we are going to be published, but more about that exciting news in a future post. Secondly, he’s just won his first ever competition!

Encouraged by his Auntie Chris, we decided to enter one of his photos into The Times Travel Photo Competition.

You can see it in today’s Times, in the ‘Life’ section. You can also view it here:

When the link is opened you will be asked to register with the Timesonline, which only takes a few moments and is free, then you’ll be directed to the page. And for those who don’t want the hassle of registering with The Times, see below.

Happy viewing!

Love Liz xxx



The image is taken from our post on Asmara which you may view here.

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18 thoughts on “Followtheboat Wins Its First Competition”

    1. Thanks, Ian. We’re a bit behind with image uploading (we’re on an Indian dongle 2G connection here, so a bit slow!) but hope to have it all done by October.

  1. connie Lockwood

    Congratulations Jamie! I was hoping I would read about such recognition some day. Thank you Liz for taking the time and making the effort do do this for him. You make a terrific team! Please continue to share your incredible work! 😛

  2. Absolutely Wonderful News, Congratulations to both of you, so Much Talent Jamie and Well Done Liz for your hard work. I look forward to future success stories.

  3. Just a confirmation of something we have been asking ourselves a long time…. not how, and where… but when it would happen. Awsome!! 😛

    1. Shucks, thanks guys! We look forward to catching up with you some day, somewhere in south east Asia. Right now we’ve got our feet firmly under the table!

  4. Truly excellent photo Jamie, no wonder it won. I can imagine having this on the wall and noticing something new in it each time I looked at it.
    Jude XX

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