When will Malaysia clean up its beaches?

Does Malaysia care about the beaches? And what are local people doing to keep them clean?

We visit Roby’s Secret Place Cafe and Camping eco-camp, where we talk to him about how he is managing the clean-uu and changing the behaviour of local people. Roby’s family heritage is from generations of Borneo’s original inhabitants, so he is speaking about the people he grew up with. His wife and children are a big part of his passion to raise awareness in the community.

We also give a nod to our friends at the Sea Monkey Project who are doing a massive clean-up around Malaysia with the participation of local villagers. They are seeing national and international recognition and have taken their work to another level since we last spoke to them.

Roby’s Secret Place makes delicious home-made pizzas. And Aaron shakes a mean cocktail, evidenced towards the end of the video when we see Liz’s flushed face in raptures over bamboo shot glasses…

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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