How to choose the right dinghy

Taking the dinghy through beautiful and well-established mangroves near Tanjung Simpang brings us onto why we chose the Highfield dinghy and Tohatsu outboard motor that is SY Esper‘s “car”.

Based on what we’ve used and know well, we discuss the types of tenders available to cruisers. We also look at the pros and cons of each.

In essence, we think the faster and bigger the better. You can anchor further away from other boats with a good dinghy, and you can take it on expeditions, just as we did deep into the mangrove.

What’s the biggest dinghy your sailboat can handle? Remember to think about weight, size and storing. Are you going to keep it on the davits? On deck? Will it deflate or fold for easier storage? Can you easily drag it? Will you be able to take the outboard motor on and off easily, without straining your back? Where will you store the outboard? Do you want a tender which is easy to row?

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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