Does The Gimp Jump Ship?

Weather has vastly improved, giving me a chance to check out Varzim properly. Despite it’s ghastly promenade the town is actually quite old, so it was a pleasure to just chill.


23This evening we went for a meal in the marina club house, which was great fun. As we were walking back Lorraine took me to one side to let me know that she is jumping ship. And there was me thinking it was me who was going to crack first! This is a real shame since Lorraine and I get on great. It’s also a worry since it was only her and I who did the cooking, with an occasional contribution from the skipper.

If Lorraine does jump ship where will this leave me on the boat? I’m growing increasingly concerned that I am becoming the ship’s gimp. Despite undertaking a number of chores on the boat without being asked, from being the first person (only person) to clean the heads, or scrub down the shelves, it seems I can never do enough. When the Skipper has one of his increasingly regular mood swings he seems to take it out on me and, quite frankly, I don’t see why I should have to put up with being treated like this.

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