Sleep Deprivation

More rubbish weather so today I just wandered up to the sea break and tried to take some photos of the rather large waves crashing over the harbour wall. I got soaked and got no decent pictures.


Late afternoon was spent checking out the yacht moored up next to us. Boy, that is one fine yacht! It would be unfair to say this is how the other half live since this is a project Dave and Julia have been working on for 20 years, building the entire boat, except the hull. This includes all the carpentry, the wooden decking, the plumbing, the upholstery and so on. Also their son’s audio knowledge means they have a mighty fine sound system. THIS is what sailing should be all about, and it makes me realise that I am seriously compromising a lot of comfort to be on Ramprasad, especially my sleep which is getting worse.

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