I’m Jumping Ship!

oldlog-152Shock! Horror! Following Lorraine’s confirmation that she is jumping ship I have decided to follow suit. Prompted by an incident yesterday I have decided to do myself a favour and take a break, heading inland towards the capital, Lisbon.

Despite my honest account of events thus far I think you’ll agree that the last month has been a fantastic experience and great fun. It’s seen a number of ups and downs, as to be expected from sharing 37ft of space with three other adults, but nothing can replace the adventure we have had. I wanted to tell the skipper this, so as I stepped off the boat and offered my hand in thanks, he started shouting at me about a broken cable that he accused me of breaking! So whilst Lorraine received a goodbye hug, I get a rather embarrassing shouting at. To be honest this made for a very sad end to what has otherwise been a great adventure.

Dear reader, part one has ended. Perhaps one day down the pub you will hear the full account of my first month of sailing, but for the time being I sign off a little bit older and a little bit wiser.

As for the next part of my journey, I have a cunning plan………

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