Clowns, Punch & Judy, Mad Skippers etc

ram31Photographic evidence that Sam is indeed mad. There I was minding my own business walking round Safeway when I spotted Sam and the local town crier on the front page of the local rag! Boy this man makes an impression!

Hung out in St Peter Port, watching clowns and Punch and Judy shows, listening to steel bands and catching sight of the bloody town crier on his bugle at every street corner. Quite a Bohemian feel and a nice little vibe.

Bought myself some material to make a bandana (pink) as I’m thinking of saying goodbye to my hair.

Tide's out on Isle de Batz

Tide's out on Isle de Batz

Prepared the boat and we worked out a ‘watch’ rota for the next part of our journey that will take us to the coast of Brittany.


On the way we caught plenty of mackerel.


Did another night watch, which was very tranquil. The only thing to look out for are other ships, spotted only by their port and starboard lights. Very strange as one crosses your path – quite eerie. Talk about ships passing in the night.


We continue our cruise into the next day and work our way around the rocky Brittany coast line. We settle for the Isle of Batz and anchor up in a very fast flowing tide and hit the isle for a peaceful walk, crepes and cider.

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