Dolphins & Sunsets In L’Aber Wrac’h

Set sail early in the morning with the weather starting to get a little hotter.  A bit overcast in the morning but half way to L’Aber Wrach we were joined by a pod of very playful dolphins! Of course we all dived for our cameras but I have first hand experience of photographing dolphins from a boat – all you end up with is a grey blur.


Conny obviously got over excited because within a couple of minutes he had stripped and dived in after them. Now I have first hand experience of swimming with dolphins from a boat – and you don’t dive in making a huge splash.

Now I’m not sure whether it was Conny’s belly flop or the fact he was complete naked but the dolphins pegged it immediately. To attract a dolphin’s attention one is supposed to swim underwater in circles making whooping noises. I told Conny to do this about 5 times but he insisted on splashing around like a flid shouting “this water is fteezing”. No, Conny, that really isn’t gonna work mate.

The cruise into the estuary at L’Aber Wrach is quite a breathtaking scene of sharp rocks, set off by the tallest light house in the world (at least it was in 1980, which is Sam’s most recent book on the area. Hmmm, that’s encouraging). The inlet of L’aber Wrach is very pretty, peaceful and to have motored in would have been sacrilege, so we sailed right up to our anchor point. This is a very tricky bit of sailing what with all the rocks, but visibility was good so all was fine.


Conny, Sam and I went for a long wander and checked out the neighbouring village and their local boozers. Sam ‘acquired’ a few not-quite-ripe maize cobs for supper and I took about ten thousand pictures of the sun setting across the L’Aber Wrach estuary. Picture postcard.



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