Guernsey’s New Town Crier

I have decided Sam is completely mad.

ram27Whilst spending a pleasant afternoon walking round St Peter Port minding my own business I stumble across Sam and 5 other volunteers with the local town crier outside the town hall.

Each is taking it in turns to don a three pointed hat, ring a hand bell and shout at the top of their voices “Oh yey, oh yey…..”, and anything else they can fit in before being told to stop by the town crier.

Apparently this is a tradition for finding a replacement for the local town crier, a task Sam took on and tackled with great relish. After screaming “oh yey, oh yey” at the top of his voice and shouting something about being on a passage to the Caribbean I thought he had this competition in the bag, but they gave it to some local chap instead. Personally I think the moustache put them off but he should have won it. (See tomorrow’s entry for Part Two of this story.)



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