Christmas Gifts! New Products! Promo Code – HURRY!

A big welcome to our new subscribers! As most of you know we promised you a Christmas gift, so here it is…

Firstly, some exciting news: we’ve added loads more items to our shop, including old school floppy hats, beanies, trucker caps, dad caps, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies and ‘reverse’ shirts (small logo on the front, big one on the back). These were all suggested by our youtube viewers and we thank you for your feedback.

And now your Christmas gift! Buy anything from our shop until Christmas Eve and get a discount on every item you purchase. Simply add the code ‘ftbxmas’ at checkout, and your discount should be applied. Simple.

Hurry, though, the delivery deadlines for Christmas are fast approaching, so get in quick! You can see a complete list of order deadlines here (much as we’d love you to receive your item by Christmas, we can’t guarantee it).

Note to our European customers: we  now have a fulfillment centre in Europe. This means any orders from our European Shop will be fulfilled within Europe and you won’t be subject to additional taxes. Your local VAT is calculated at checkout after you have included your delivery address. If you wish to have your order fulfilled from Europe please use this store only. All other products in our shop will be fulfilled in the US. They’re subject to import fees and may delay your order if you buy from both stores.

Don’t forget, we’re always looking for new product ideas and designs, so please let us know your thoughts and comments. And if you get a moment, send us a pic with you wearing your new Esper T or drinking a coffee from one of our smart mugs!

Main shop:

European shop:

Peace and fair winds to you all.

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4 Comments on “Christmas Gifts! New Products! Promo Code – HURRY!”

  1. Hi Jamie and Liz
    Just in case I don’t get a chance before Christmas. Merry merry happy happy Christmassy thingy to you both. Hope you enjoy the festivities wherever you be.
    I’ve enjoyed the blogs and vlogs all year and look forward to more and more. I’ve had a less than successful sailing year so have decided to purchase more lottery tickets in the new year. Maybe, if successful (with the lottery tickets) I’ll share the joy.
    Thanks again for the content you share.
    Kind Regards
    Michael Virgona
    SV Skylark 111

    1. Hey Michael, great to hear from you, and thank you for shopping in our store! Your order is being processed. Sorry to hear about your not so successful sailing season. If it’s any consolation we feel a bit cheated this year too, what with boat issues and problems back in the UK, but that’s just part of this lifestyle. You win some, you lose some. We hope 2018 pans out for you and we look forward to our cut in your lottery ticket wins 😉

      Peace and fair winds to you.

  2. Would like to know how your dinghy chaps are fitted and held on with such a smooth tight fit? What info is on your boat stamp? Sv Secondwind

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for getting in touch. The dinghy cover is held in place with velcro. It’s stitched to the underside of the cover and then the other strip is clued to the hypalon of the dinghy. I should add that we didn’t make it, we got is professionally fitted and they have done an excellent job. The boat stamp is normally just the boat name and registration number, but you can add anything else to it, it’s completely customisable. Hope this helps!

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