We’re going live today (we really are)! Ask us anything…

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Quick heads up in case you missed it. We’re going live today (Sunday for most people, Monday morning for us) and it’s an open forum! You can ask us anything about us, Millie, Esper, what it’s like as a liveaboard, our trip to the Anambas…

The live link is here, where you can set a reminder:



SUNDAY 10th Dec 2017
* LA 2pm
* NY 5pm
* London 10pm
* Paris 11pm

MONDAY 11th Dec 2017
* KL/Perth 6am
* Sydney 9am

Don’t forget you can use Superchat to get noticed!

Look forward to catching up with you soon.

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5 Comments on “We’re going live today (we really are)! Ask us anything…”

  1. Thanks guys for your info on the question about traveling America it was very resourceful enjoyed the video as always we always have questions and future concerns about our sailing hope to run ito you all on the water sometime we are a lot like the American let us know
    Next time you have another live show will try to be available thanks Randy n Pam ps we are also a little country n rock n roll that was brother that asked. Cheers

  2. Hi, are you considering ; 1. Australia as a destination ? 2. I really loved the shells and beach episodes…please describe the texture/color/consistency of the beach sand ie is it coral ? sea surface temperature ? 3. i am enjoying my tshirt. It is really nice. I sent you some quid for the rum fund, and hope it got to you as hope i did it correctly. 4. what do you do in the evenings? read, watch movie, look out at the stars, talk, edit film…a typical evening. I sure think you both are courageous to be alone in a bay at mooring. 5. Ran sailing,Swedish couple, were boarded by Panama coast guard, has this happened to you also?

    1. Hi Susan – thank you for your support, you’ve been a great follower and we always appreciate your comments. As you may have spotted in our most recent episode we explained that we can’t come to Australia because of quarantine laws, unfortunately. The sand in the Anambas is made up of broken coral so it’s quite coarse, but it’s still a joy to walk on (except early afternoon when it’s too hot!). Whilst in the Anambas we tended to have early nights and got up early. We didn’t do any editing during this time but most editing is done during the day when we have sunlight to power the panels. We enjoy a drink and like to read (Liz books and me manuals!). We have been boarded by the coastguard. It happened in Langkawi during the Rohingya crisis. It was a standard check but there was a lot of people trafficking so they were just doing their job. So glad you like the t-shirt! Peace and fair winds to you. Liz, Jamie and Millie xx

  3. How many years or months until your plans of coming across the pond to the United States we really would hate to miss you all before we start our travels we have so many suggestions you maybe interested in and many family members scattered around the coast of the United States that can offer help in times you may need any kind of assistance. Stay cool and fair winds you guys are the coolest cruising couple on the web that has the most helpful and interesting travels I have seen and we do watch a lot later Randy n Pam

    1. Hey Randy and Pam. How long is a piece of string?! We’re thinking we could take in the States whichever way we leave from here. If it’s east it could be 2-3 years, possibly the same the other way, we’re not sure, but that is a very kind offer from you both, thank you. When we do hit the States we’ll be sure to give you guys a shout – we have a lot of virtual friends we’d love to meet in person. Stay in touch and fair winds to you both.

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