Followtheboat in the Anambas

Tengilling, Mubur, Anambas

It’s been a long time since we posted something on our blog. As you’re no doubt aware all our energies go into our youtube channel with our weekly video updates but we realise some of you like to read the odd blog post from time to time. With this in mind we’ll try and line up a few posts for you soon.

Just to keep things ticking over we’re uploading this shot of a view from Tengilling Island. Water clarity? Tick! Coral? Tick! Desolate little island with palm trees? Got it!

If you’ve not watched our channel lately, we’re now uploading our Anambas Island adventures. If you’ve never been, never seen photos or don’t even know where they are, check out our Anambas playlist. We’ll be adding new episodes each week over the next couple of months. They are truly the most stunning islands we have ever come across in our ten years aboard Esper.

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