Boat Repairs (and Spectacular Diving)

boat repairs (and diving)

As we headed across the bay for a supper of lobster and tuna, our outboard engine stopped. Rowing was the last thing we needed in a channel with ripping tides.

It seems we have a few boat repairs ahead of us in this beautiful, tropical paradise.

Before the work and boat jobs, there was diving to be done, a jellyfish lake to visit and lobster to be eaten. The stunning Derawan islands were calling to us…

Here’s a rough guide to the chapters in our latest YouTube episode:

  • Local community comes to our aid
  • Derawan dive lodge
  • Diving Derawan Archipelago
  • Kakaban Island
  • Jellyfish Lake
  • Manta Ray Cleaning Station
  • Boat repairs: Stripping the carburettor on a Tohatsu 9.8
  • When it’s wise to re-anchor
  • Boat repairs: Cleaning the prop (underwater)
  • Boat repairs: In-mast furling axle adjustment

Our YouTube videos are around six weeks behind and we’ll be moving on soon from our current position, so if you’d like access to instant catch-up, remember to join our Signal group (you need to be a Patron or FTBMate).

Here’s the episode…

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