And back to Thailand for repairs…

With a broken dodger, a new sail to collect and new batteries to be installed, we hoofed it back to Krabi. But before we left Thailand, we thought we would take a last look at one of the best sailing destinations in the world, a place we fell in love with. We even managed to find a few anchorages we had not seen in the five years we have been here…

The passage from Langkawi to Phang Nga Bay, via the Butang islands, is full of stunning anchorages. Those limestone karsts and cliffs, even after all this time, still fill us with awe and amazement. There’s nowhere like it.

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And for the first time in a long while Liz caught a fish…then another one…then another one… Nobody was happier than Millie when we had fish for supper that night!

And while we were getting those jobs finished, Jamie’s mum and dad came to visit us at Krabi Boat Lagoon marina. So we put the work on hold for two weeks and played at being tourists.

Krabi town and province has so much to offer! If you get the chance we’d recommend having a look round – smaller and less developed than Phuket, it’s not too busy and has a genuine chilled vibe. But steer clear of Ao Nang, which has become a tourist ghetto…

Peace and fair winds!


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